Fabulous Fall Five for Friday!!!

Happy 1st Friday of November!!! Are you ready for a great weekend? We are doing a local race tomorrow morning. Hubby running the 5K and I am walking the 1 mile. This race specifically states no walkers on the 5K course. I am cool with that. My surgery is TWO WEEKS from today. I am both nervous and ready for this. Nervous because I don’t know how long I will be “down”, in pain, etc. Ready because once I have it, my leg can start healing and hopefully I will be able to start walking faster and longer.

Also on tap this weekend is a trip to Target and a wedding (my cousin’s). Very excited we get an extra hour this weekend. Don’t forget to change your clocks!

I succeeded in my goal of NO Halloween candy yesterday. I allowed myself a few pieces on Halloween, but didn’t want it to continue for a second day. Is there Halloween candy at the office? YES. The majority of it is in the back – far, far from my desk. I did keep 5 pieces at my desk for “emergencies.”

Check out my sweet Halloween gift from Jenn at fitappetit.com. (There are a few items not shown.) Jenn and I are both Girls Gone Sporty ambassadors and some of us participated in a Halloween swap. I hope she enjoyed the package I sent her. Prayers for her since she has been without power for days due to the Hurricane.

5 Great Blog Posts to Read

15 or 30 Minute Incline Walking Workout by Julie – Julie always suggests great workouts. Looking for something short – do 1 round of her workout. Have a little more time – just repeat it. Hey dog Sadie is also ADORABLE.

Book Reviews: 400 Calorie Fix & 400 Calorie Fix Cookbook by Cammy – I have never heard of either of these books, but they sound interesting. What’s your favorite “diet/fitness/cookbook”?

The 15-Minute Yoga Routine to Beat your Halloween Candy Binge by Tamara – Still eating Halloween candy? Try this 15 minute yoga routine.

Spider Web Spaghetti Squash {multi-flavored, gluten free} by Sarah – I have never tried spaghetti squash, but this recipe makes me want to try it. Have you tried it? Thoughts?

168 Hours: Where Does The Time Go? by Caitlin – We all have the same amount of time in a week, just seems some get more done than others. I enjoyed this post by Caitlin and am thinking about getting the book as well.

5 Great Tweets

What’s on your agenda for the weekend? Any races? Favorite Halloween candy? Share something in the comments!

TGIF! Enjoy your day!

6 Responses to “Fabulous Fall Five for Friday!!!”

  1. I always love your 5s!!!!! They’re the best! I hope you have a fab Friday!!! :o) spa <3

  2. Great post. I am running a 10 Mile race on Sunday and following it with a treat of my favorite candy- Candy Corn 🙂

  3. Office candy/cookies/cake is the hardest! Especially this time of year, I feel like every time it’s gone it’s replaced!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I am glad you like some of my Tweets. I love posts like this because I just discovered some new people to follow on Twitter and some new blogs to check out.