Fab Friday 5: Planning/Organizing Health

TGIF! Sadly we are now on Day 4 of the government shutdown. For those of you affected by it, prayers this ends SOON. I kept thinking they wouldn’t let it get to the weekend, but looks like I was wrong.

Yesterday was my friend A’s birthday. Check out the little surprise I took to her office:


A walking Giraffe balloon! They were selling these at Duck Duck Goose – the consignment sale I worked Wednesday. I also have a Dora one in my car waiting to see my favorite munchkin today. We will be celebrating A’s birthday tonight at dinner. I sense a margarita (or two) in my future. Must make sure to hydrate today to get ready.

Five Fabulous Blog Posts

By chance, it turns out that the theme for these blog posts is journaling, planning, creating habits, etc. I think you will enjoy all of these.

Meal Planning with Technology by Madeline – Something I honestly don’t do (and never have) is meal planning. I probably should start even if I just plan breakfasts and lunches. I like the app that Madeline mentions and may have to try it (although I can’t find it in the App Store). I figure I can take one meal at a time and breakfast might be the easiest. I also love the Grocery IQ app she mentions.

How to Food Journal to Identify Food Intolerances by Sarah – If you are having GI issues, etc., keeping a food journal of what you eat and what symptoms you have is a great idea. There are electronic journals, you could paper journal, or even a combination of the two. While I don’t have GI issues, I food journal in Evernote everyday.

Creating an exercise schedule that works for you: get out your calendar now! by Tamara – We are all so quick to schedule work meeting, drinks with friends, doctor’s appointments, etc.; we need to make sure we are planning time to keep ourselves healthy through exercise. I love the way Tamara blocks her time off on an online calendar and then finds the blocks where she can exercise. If you use GMAIL, there is automatically a calendar you can use and it can sync to your Android or iPhone. Again, you could print out a paper calendar and use that.

Dr Brooke’s 6 Step Process To Doing BETTER (How To Change A Habit) by Dr. Brooke – Dr. Brooke shares how to incorporate new habits or transform old habits. I love the way she lays each of them out in 6 easy steps. Why not pick a habits (an old or a new) and try her process? She also reminds us to work on only one habit at a time and that some are easier to incorporate/change than others.

The origin of the to-do list and how to design one that actually works by Belle – I love this post on Buffer talking about how to-do lists originated. Then it gives 4 top tips to actually help you get things done. FINALLY (my favorite part), is a handwritten to-do list from Johnny Cash. I love that he put what he needed to do (Kiss June) and didn’t need to do (not kiss anyone else) on the same list. Maybe you could do the same with habits you are trying to break.

Five Motivational Tweets

Weekend plans include:

  • Dinner tonight for A’s birthday
  • Working two more hours at Duck Duck Goose
  • My Tennessee Vols take on the Georgia Bulldogs
  • A possible night race
  • HOUSEWORK (starting to notice dirt/cobwebs and I want them gone)

Any big weekend plans? How do you plan/organize for your health?

Have a healthy day!


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