Excited About "Gaining" 3 Pounds!

Hello! Before we talk about why I am excited about gaining three pounds, let’s look at my 2011 year in review from DailyMile. Do you use DailyMile? It is a great place to track your workouts. From running to cycling to strength training, you can log all of your workouts into one place. You can also find friends on there and offer them encouragement on their workouts. Here was my summary from 2011:

2011 Training Summary
2011 Training Summary

I love looking at charts like this. You may wonder why March is blank. Apparently I didn’t consistently log until May. I have looked back at my calendar notes and they don’t match DailyMile for January-April. For 2012, I am going to try to log every workout I do (walking, elliptical, biking, strength training, yoga, etc.). You may also ask why July was over 100 miles (pretty good for a former coach potato). I got my bike in July!!! I am already looking forward to summer riding – especially Cades Cove.

2011 was a great year for someone who used to spend most evenings and weekends laying on the couch watching TV. 2012 will be better!

Strength Chick

I didn’t gain three pounds, but I started using 3 pound heavier weights in my strength training. WOOHOO!!! I moved from 5 lb dumbbells to 8 lb dumbbells. I modified my workout yesterday due to lack of sleep and feeling under the weather, but I was itching to do some arm workouts with heavier weights, so that is what I concentrated on. Found this on Pinterest the other day and wanted to share with you:

If you are NOT doing strength training, I encourage you to start. While I did a on of cardio during 2011, I didn’t do any strength training until the last week of December. Yet, I already feel a huge difference in my strength and have lost inches around my body. I am definitely sold on the benefits of strength training.

Today’s talking point: Your thoughts on strength training.

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  1. I had been using only 5lb weights too. I bought some 5 lb ankle/wrist weights that I strap on & use in conjunction with the hand-helds. They’re also great for boosting my walks!