Eleven Months Down, One To Go

Good morning! Welcome to December 2013! It is hard to believe that 2013 is almost gone and 2014 is almost here. I was hoping to start December illness free, but this nasty cough keeps hanging around. With 11 months down, it is time to update my 2013 goals.

2013 Goals

My 13 for 2013 Goals

1. Become a Health Coach by graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

COMPLETE!!! You can read my post here for more info. Visit my health coach website at www.glenneth.com and sign up for my monthly newsletter. You can read my December newsletter HERE.

2. Walk 13 5Ks in 2013.

UPDATE: Currently sitting at eight 5Ks. I will definitely not hit this goal. However, since I spent January and February recovering from surgery and then had another surgery in April, I am not sweating this one. Life happens. I may get in one or two more in December and then I am registered for one on New Year’s Day.

3. Save $$$ each paycheck.

UPDATE: On track. Time to start spending my Christmas savings.

4. Get a raise/make more money.

UPDATE: I got a small raise in July. I expect my next raise to be sometime in 2014. My 31 business has picked up so I am making a little extra money through that.

5. 1:30 minute plank. I want to be able to hold a plank on the elbow for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

UPDATE: Probably not going to meet this goal and haven’t really been trying.

6. Blog 5x per week.

UPDATE: A little under on this one for November. I averaged 4.6 posts per week. I see this staying about the same for December.

7. Do something different with family or friends once a month.

UPDATE: The first Sunday in November hubby and I took a road trip. I wanted to see the Fall colors and he wanted to do a little offroading. You can read about our adventures here.

Day Trip

8. Clean out clothes. Clean out clothes – throw away old items, items I don’t wear, etc.

UPDATE: Donated 3 bags in October and another in November and have ANOTHER bagged and ready to go. My rule of thumb is that for every piece of new clothing I bring into the house, I donate (or trash) two.

9. Toned arms for the summer. I want to go sleeveless this summer and look BUFF.

UPDATE: I started lifting weights again in November. While my measurements are always funky, I can tell my arms are more toned as tops feel better and my arms feel leaner and stronger. I will continue working on this one.

10. Eat and drink mindfully or intuitively. I will talk more about this later and even have a special guest post coming up. I am not planning to count calories or points. I am not planning to log everything I eat in 2013. I am planning to make better decisions and be mindful about what I eat. I am also not giving up any food – it is all about “adding in” and moderation.

UPDATE: No real updates on this one although I am following the Good Life Challenge with Jamie this holiday season.

11. Do something out of my comfort zone. Leaving this one open to see what the year brings. Quite possibly it will be sky-diving with my husband’s niece and nephew.

UPDATE: Nothing in November.

12. Utilize my bike more. Like I said in another post, I am not setting any mileage goals for 2013. However, we neglected our bikes this year and I want to change that. I love my bike and we have some great places to ride around Knoxville.

UPDATE: No biking in November. At this point it will be next spring before I pull my bike out again.

13. Be Happy. Live. Love. Laugh. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

UPDATE: Fabulous Thanksgiving with family. Dinner the next evening with friends. My 31 business had a great month.

How are your 2013 goals coming? Anything big planned for December?

Have a healthy day!


4 Responses to “Eleven Months Down, One To Go”

  1. Not hitting my 13 in 2013 goal either. No worries. 14 in 2014 will be my comeback! My big plan for Dec is getting back to trail races after an injury! A trail series that will take me into 2014!

    You’ve had a great year and still a month to go!