Dressing for Fall & Winter 5Ks

Today on “Walking Wednesday,” we are talking about dressing for Fall and Winter 5Ks (and other length races). Summer 5Ks are easy to dress for – you just throw on some shorts and a tank top and you are done. You need to put a little more thought into your outfits during the Fall and Winter.

Dressing for Fall & Winter 5Ks

Tips for Dressing for Fall and Winter 5Ks

The main rule of thumb that I follow is to dress for 25 degrees warmer than it will be at race time. This is a suggestion from Runner’s World but definitely experiment to see if it will work for you. However, during Fall and Winter it is windier, the rain is colder, the wait outside before the race can be cold and brutal. You need to think about all these things when planning your 5K outfit.

  • Wear capris and/or long sleeve shirts during your practice runs and walks to see how hot you get. Wearing something new on race day is never advised. Experiment with different outfits to see what works best for you.
  • Buy some cheap gloves to keep in your race bag or car. These are super easy to tuck in your shorts/pants during a race if your hands get hot. I recommend cheap gloves because if they fall out of your shorts/pockets you won’t mind having lost one or both of them.
  • Experiment with hats/headbands/ear muffs for cooler weather. You want your ears to stay warm. If you love to listen to music, don’t forget to try them out with your headphones on.
  • Layers! The colder it gets, the more layers you want to consider. Up top you might have on a sports bra, tank top, and then long sleeve tee. On the bottom you might have shorts on over tights/capris. For your top layer, you might want a jacket that could can take on and off easily. Once you take it off, just tie it around your waist.
  • Really cold weather? Try some hand warmers in your gloves and/or toe warmers in your shoes. Trust me – they work.
  • While it might be cold, the sun may still be out in your area. Don’t forget your shades or a hat.
  • If it is super cold, you might need thicker socks or two pairs. Again – do not try this for the first time on race day. Practice ahead of time.

Just starting out? My suggestion is to find a 5K road race in your area. Fall is the perfect time to start walking or running as the weather is just right. Not sure where to start with training? Don’t forget my new Walk Your Way to a 5K program. Special pricing still in effect!

Cheers! Happy walking or running!


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