Dollywood’s Light the Way 5K Recap & Photos

Dollywood Light the Way 5K

BRRR! That was the theme of Dollywood’s Light the Way 5K Friday night. The race started at 11PM and the “real feel” temperature was 18 degrees. We were just thankful it wasn’t windy, rainy, or snowy. I have only done this race one other time and you can read the recap HERE.

I will say while more of this race went through the park and the lights which is a HUGE plus, the race overall was disappointing. It was very unorganized. Instead of having registration INSIDE, they had everyone (including the poor volunteers) outside the entire time. The race didn’t start on time (big pet peeve when you are freezing your you know what off). And the t-shirt, well, no. It was a beautiful black technical tee with a terribly designed press on logo.

I will say you CAN put on too many layers for a race. For my bottom half I wore workout capris, yoga pants, and sweat pants. That was a great combination. For my top part, I wore a sleeveless dry wick shirt under a long sleeve technical sheet under a fleece pullover UNDER a fleece jacket. The fleece jacket could have stayed in the car as I wound up carrying it from mile 1 on. I also had on 2 pairs of gloves (one thin, one fleece) with a handwarmer wedged between the two layers. Those also came off at mile 1 (also made it easier to take pictures that way). The fleece jacket and one pair of gloves should have been left out of that outfit. Please remember that I was walking the race. If you were running something like this that would have been WAY too many layers.

The park was decorated beautifully. I really enjoyed stopping to see the lights and take pictures. Trust me when I say I was not the only one who was there just for that reason. I will say that from the 2011 race we attended to this year’s race, the interest has skyrocketed. There were maybe 150 people at 2011 race and I would guess 500 people there last night.

Anyways, that was my recap. My time? About 50 minutes. My Garmin only showed 2.92 miles (which is another disappointment for people thinking they are running their first 5K). I wasn’t going for time, I was going for fun and pictures.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

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2 Responses to “Dollywood’s Light the Way 5K Recap & Photos”

  1. Beautiful pictures! I’m surprised you still finished in 50 minutes – if I had taken that many pictures, it would have taken me MUCH longer!

    • tammy – the first 1-1.5 miles was in the parking lot and i was booking it as fast as i could possibly go. it was COLD! then i would just stop, snap a pic, and keep walking til the next pretty place.