Dogwood Classic 5K Recap & Lessons Learned

Dogwood Classic 5K Recap & Lessons Learned

Saturday was my first 5K since the Hot Chocolate Lover’s 5K on February 13th. It was also my first time walking in quite a while. With all of my foot problems, I have been concentrating on the elliptical and bike trainer for cardio, not walking. You will hear more about this below in my lessons learned.

It was an absolutely beautiful day for a 5K. Not too hot, not too cold. If you are wondering, the pink thing on my arm is a heart rate monitor. I will talk about that more on Wednesday.


Ready to walk! Sunglasses on! Headphones on! Let’s do this! The pink tank top (from Old Navy) is quickly becoming one of my favorite workout tanks.


Start line! This was a record crowd for this race! Almost 150 people more than the previous year. Luckily this is a course that can easily handle an increase as they shut the roads down in a beautiful Knoxville neighborhood. One of the best parts of this race is seeing all the beautiful houses along the walk.


Check out Superman! He had a cape on the back of his Superman shirt. So cute and he did so well!


I love this fountain! Isn’t it gorgeous? (Many of these photos are from my Snapchat – letstalkandwalk.)


Mile 1 DONE! My app says I did a 15:45 minute mile. I will be talking about the app and heart rate monitor more in Wednesday’s post. I will say this is too fast for my first mile.


Mile 2 DONE! My app says I did a 15:34 minute mile. Again, too fast for me. I will talk more about this in lessons learned.


FINISHED!! I thought I was going to PR (based on the app which I will talk abut Wednesday), but not so much. I was NOT trying to PR so I am not really upset.


My official results! Honestly, I am thrilled with them, especially since it has been 2.5 months since I walked a 5K or did any significant walking.

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Things went significantly downhill after the race. We went home, I had some breakfast, then I went grocery shopping. I knew something was up with my feet. As you may recall, I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis in my right foot. Well, pretty sure it came back in my right foot as well as my left foot. I spent the next four hours in bed resting with ice on and off my foot. Walking was truly painful. I finally got up to do some stuff around the house but was moving extremely slow. I wore my compression socks and then my “plantar fasciitis” sock on my left foot to bed. As of today (Monday morning), the left foot is still in extreme pain. I am wearing my compression socks some, stretching, and moving slowly. I plan to hit the gym for weights today, no cardio.

5K Lessons Learned

So, I definitely learned some lessons. Some I knew and just forgot/didn’t do and others are a learning experience.

Lesson #1: Stretch! One of my most popular posts is 10 Great Reasons to Stretch. I personally need to do better about this. While I should technically be stretching every day, I should have at least been stretching in the week leading up to the 5K and I absolutely should have stretched/warmed-up before the race. I also should have stretched AFTER the race since I knew my feet were bothering me.

Lesson #2: Don’t go out too fast! I think a lot of runners/walkers do this. I should have been at a 17-18 minute per mile pace the first mile. Then about 16-17 minute the second, then as fast as I could the third.

Lesson #3: Listen to your body! I knew in the first half mile that my feet were not happy, especially my left foot. I should have made more of an effort to slow down.

Lesson #4: Don’t skip training! Even though you KNOW your body can do something, training is key. I should have been walking more regularly.

Lesson #5: I still LOVE walking 5Ks! I could easily just say I am not going to walk anymore 5Ks with all these feet issues. However, I truly love walking them. I will do better with training and stretching as well as continue to be picky about the 5Ks I do walk. One of the reasons I did this one is that it is fairly flat. I will not be doing any with major hills.

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Did you race this weekend? Any lessons learned? Any tips for plantar fasciitis?



13 Responses to “Dogwood Classic 5K Recap & Lessons Learned”

  1. oh number five.
    Im a walker through and through…

  2. Walkers and runners fall into the “this is my day!” trap. Even though we haven’t trained for it, we start out, go too fast, but feel good, and somehow think that even though we know we haven’t trained for it, this will be our day to set new records. I’m sorry that your feet hurt. I hope that a couple days of ice and rest will help.

  3. I’m so sorry you’re in pain, but it looks like you had some great takeaways. I really enjoyed following along via Snapchat and am hopeful your feet feel better soon.

  4. I don’t race anymore I just walk/run/jog for fun, but I should start again. I’ve learned all those lessons the hard way too. Especially the one about stretching. I sometimes neglect that step. Oops.

  5. Stretching and not going out too fast are key for me too! I hope you feel better Glenneth!

  6. Great post! Also thank you for reminding me how important stretching is πŸ™‚

  7. Cute tank top! I need to stock up on summer running gear and Old Navy always has such a great selection πŸ™‚ Welcome back to the walking scene – hope your feet heal πŸ™‚

  8. All great lessons Glenneth. My husband goes out fast no matter if he’s racing or training. I’m a negative split kind of runner.

  9. You make me want to do a 5K, I kind of skipped that part and went on to longer races. Short races are fun and energetic! Great tips too!