Do You Know Life's Simple 7?

Hello and Happy Sunday! We are having a rainy day here in Knoxville and the weather people are even saying we might get a dusting of snow. Luckily today is an indoor day for us – no errands, etc. Very much looking forward to relaxing. Just have to get in my workout at some point. On today’s schedule is a circuit and some cardio.

Friday we went to the mall for a while to walk around. I saw this at the Clinque counter:

Get the Service You Want
Get the Service You Want

I thought this was one of the most unique ideas I have seen in a while. Choose a bracelet that tells the staff if you need help immediately, just want to browse in peace, or would like a consultation. All stores should have something like this. Brilliant idea!

Yesterday I attended another Barre3 class. Whew! My muscles were burning for hours. It looks like it would be easy, but WOW! My muscles are fine today, except for my shoulders/back of neck. Not really sure why this area is sore.

I wanted to get one of their Barre3 balls, but the studio doesn’t sell them. They suggested Academy Sports. Look what I found:

9" Core Ball
9" Core Ball

It is a 9″ Core Ball and cost $9.99. Now all I need to do is blow it up and I am good to go. I also bought:

6lb Medicine Ball
6lb Medicine Ball

After reading Tina’s Medicine Ball Circuit Workout post the other day, I really want to try some of those exercises. I went ahead and bought one so I can start getting used to the feel. We are going to incorporate some exercises into my month 4 schedule.

I had never heard about Life’s Simple 7 until I saw Tina’s post about the Woman’s Day Red Dress Awards. Life’s Simple 7 was designed by the American Heart Association with the goal of educating the public. These are the Simple 7 steps:

1. Get Active – Do more than 150 minutes of activity per week
2. Eat Better – Eat a heart healthy diet
3. Lose Weight – Bring your BMI below 25
4. Stop Smoking – Stop NOW and if you don’t smoke, don’t start
5. Control Cholesterol – Schedule a screening, talk to your doctor, eat a heart healthy diet
6. Manage Blood Pressure – Schedule a screening, talk to your doctor, eat a heart healthy diet
7. Reduce Blood Sugar – Schedule a screening, talk to your doctor, eat a heart healthy diet

They have an online assessment which is quick and easy. I received an 8.5 out of a possible 10. What areas do I need to work on? Numbers 2 and 3 – eat better and lose weight. Obviously those are not surprising to me.

Please take a minute to read their site, find out your score, and make a plan. Heart disease can affect anyone – all ages, races, sexes.

Today’s talking point: What area of Life’s Simple 7 do you need to focus on?

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