Do You Have ID?

Today’s blog post is a public service announcement. Do you ever run, walk, bike, etc. by yourself? Do you always carry ID on you? I thought not. We didn’t either. Then two things happened:

  • Hubby had a minor bike wreck while out on his own. Luckily he walked away from it.
  • Ashley at had a major bike wreck while riding by herself. Unfortunately, she was not able to walk away from her wreck. She had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital. (Note: I don’t know Ashley personally, just know of her through twitter.)

Neither of them had any real “ID” with them, although Ashley had her phone with her (according to her blog). I realized that hubby (more than me) often rides and runs without any ID on him at all. Usually the only thing he carried was his car keys. Sound familiar? What if something did happen? How would anyone know who he was or who to call?

Thanks to RoadID, that problem is solved. Our RoadIDs came in the mail today!!!

Hubby is now the proud owner of a Fixx ID. You can choose from many different images for one side and have your identification information on the other.

RoadID's Fixx ID
RoadID's Fixx ID

I now own a Wrist ID Slim in orange (GO VOLS). The Wrist ID Slim is available in many colors and three different sizes. Something for everyone.

RoadID's Slim Wrist ID
RoadID's Slim Wrist ID

I encourage EVERYONE to get a RoadID or something similar and wear it when walking, biking, running, etc. Better safe, than sorry.

Note: I was in no way compensated for this post. These are my own opinions.

2 Responses to “Do You Have ID?”

  1. great post and love your blog, glad you wrote about the importance of wearing ID when training. full disclosure, I am one of the co-founders of VITAband. VITAband strongly believes everyone should carry their pertinent medical info with them at all times. In addition, why not also carry money on your wrist so you dont have to stuff bills in your socks or elsewhere. We invite all of you to check out our product at david