Do You H.I.I.T? I Do.

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Good morning! Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. I will share our fabulous dinner in another post.

Monday called for a new type of workout for me. I was assigned 20 minutes H.I.I.T. Luckily, Tina defined exactly what I was supposed to do. I have heard of HIIT over and over on Twitter and Pinterest, but had never tried it or really understood what it meant. So, I decided to do some investigation. Here is what I found.

What is HIIT? = High Intensity Interval Training

The short definition is you warm up (probably 5 minutes), then you repeat (number of repeats can vary) high intensity for a specified period of time followed by low intensity/recovery for a specified period of time. This is all followed by a cool down (again, probably 5 minutes). You just need to be doing an activity where you can vary intensity – running, walking, elliptical, swimming, cycling, etc. I did my first HIIT workout on the elliptical – and I definitely felt a difference.

Click through the picture link to see a great infographic:

If you are going to be doing HIIT workouts, you need a great timer. I found one called Seconds Pro on iTunes that worked perfectly.

Today’s talking point: Have you tried HIIT? Any tips and advice?

Have a fabulous day! Make it awesome!

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