Do #1ThingDaily September Challenge

Happy September! Hope you had a fabulous Labor Day weekend. I intended to post this yesterday, but time got away from me. But first, a few photos from the long weekend.

The UT Volunteers won their opening game! There was a full stadium and the Vols easily beat their opponent. Hoping for a great season.

UT Vols

While the Vols were playing, hubby and I drove to Gatlinburg to have dinner at Cherokee Grill. They have the BEST crab cake sandwiches.

Crab Cake Sandwich

As soon as we finished dinner, the skies opened up. So, instead of getting wet, we headed to the bar for a drink and to watch some of the game. I had an Ultimate Long Island Tea.

Ultimate Long Island Tea

Yesterday, I joined my friend L and her 5-year-old S at Jump Jam (trampoline park) for an hour of fun. What a great workout while be tons of fun at the same time! Afterwards, we headed to our friend A’s for lunch with the gang. Perfect way to end a fabulous weekend.

Jump Jam

#1ThingDaily September Challenge

Yesterday was DAY ONE of my #1ThingDaily September challenge. It was SQUAT day. Hopefully you remember to do some squats throughout the day. Don’t worry if you forget, just start with today’s challenge. My squats were jump squats on the trampoline. LOVED doing them that way. Low impact and I could jump HIGH!

Today’s exercise is hammer curls. Find some dumbbells and do some hammer curls throughout the day. Don’t have any dumbbells? You can use canned food or water bottles instead. Feel free to change the weight of your dumbbells throughout the day if you need to.

I have tried to make this challenge very scalable for all levels. The goal is to do as many reps as YOU can of the specified exercise during the day as possible. The only person you are competing with is YOU.

If you are someone new to working out, this is a perfect place for you to start. Concentrate on using proper form and listening to your body. If you have been working out for a while, this is an easy addition to your current workout or challenge schedule.

(click to open larger image and then right-click to download)


How to keep track of your numbers? Save the image to your phone and use a notepad on your phone to track your exercise. Or you can print out the calendar for your planner and write notes on it. Just remember to try to beat YOUR number each time.

Be sure and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I will be sharing different variations of the exercises and my progress throughout the month as well. My Facebook page will also detail the exercise every day.

Don’t forget to set a reward for yourself! My reward is a $50 iTunes card.

Are you joining me in the challenge? What will your reward be? What exercise(s) would you add for a challenge?

Have a healthy day!


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