Dear Coach: Volume 9

Hello and Happy Monday! I am continuing my “Dear Coach” series to keep you informed of the progress as I work with Mike Vacanti, my online personal trainer. Be sure and subscribe to his Youtube channel as he does fantastic videos.


Weeks Fifteen & Sixteen – October 17th and 24th

Two great weeks of workouts. Let’s look at some of the highlights!

Seated cable row! Really enjoying this piece of equipment. I started at 25 pounds but did 100 Saturday. One of my big goals is to build upper body strength.


If you have been following along on my Instagram, you know I have been doing a campaign with Fit Approach and AfterShokz called #AwareWithPink. Thankfully its my signature color!


Any day where I can do leg presses and slam balls is a great day!


Lots of Salsarita’s lately. Easy to get an additional serving of protein here to help me meet my macros. To give you an example of how much protein I need to eat on a training day, to hit my macros I would need 24 OUNCES of chicken. That might not sound like a lot, but trust me, it is. Typically 8 ounces is what I have with a meal – and that’s a LOT.


Bench press!


And – a new gym! Yes, I am officially a member at two gyms now. Our office bought us Planet Fitness memberships so that we can go tomorrow a few times per week. I will continue MWF at my gym in the mornings and start TR at Planet Fitness during lunch. Working with Mike, my plans are to do lower body MWF and upper body TR. My goal is to try it a couple of weeks and see how it goes.


I may also do some cardio there because I love this piece of cardio equipment. It is by far my favorite ever.


I do actually have sad news to report – mid November I will be on my own without Mike as my trainer. When I signed up with Mike, I committed to 4 months and they are almost done. I made the decision not to continue on with him (for now). This is mainly due to finances (Mike is completely worth it but he is not cheap). Also in part due to the holidays. My plan/hope is 2-3 months on my own, get through the holidays, then reevaluate. I have 5 fabulous sets of training plans from Mike to follow.

I will also evaluate if I want to keep my personal gym membership early next year (currently I am tied into a contract). While I do love Planet Fitness (and it is convenient), it doesn’t have everything my gym has. So we will see.

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Do you belong to a gym? Does your office provide a membership or a place to workout?



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