Dear Coach: Vol. 4

Hello and Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. Continuing my “Dear Coach” series to keep you informed of the progress as I work with an online personal trainer. Be sure to check out:

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Dear Coach- Vol. 4

Week Five – August 8th

Since I have been having trouble sleeping, my plan was to switch this week up and workout on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and Saturday midday. That’s not exactly how the week went. Monday and Tuesday my nutrition was on point and I had a great workout Tuesday afternoon. By Wednesday I was still struggling with sleep and was HUNGRY. I ate most everything in sight (and didn’t track). Still little sleep by Thursday morning plus having over eaten (somewhat) on Wednesday, so I fasted most of the day and skipped my workout. Friday morning was my first night with a sleeping pill. It helped marginally. Better day with nutrition. Saturday I did lots of housework AND my workout (tried to fit two into one). Probably not the best idea because by the end of the day my feet were killing me.

Week Six – August 15th

Started a new training plan this week and returned to MWF morning workouts. Also implemented true Feast/Fast Days. Loving my new workouts and am working on increasing the weights I use. Mike (my trainer) added more leg press into my plan (which I LOVE). Below is from Friday – leg press, some slam balls and then a power sandwich and iced chai from Panera for Feast Day.

Friday Feast Day

I am ready to continue MWF morning workouts this next week and will probably do Friday Feast Day and Saturday Fast Day again. It just works for my schedule. If you are thinking about fasting, please read this post I wrote earlier this year.

A Must Watch Video

This is a video that Mike published last year called “Why Fitness Actually Matters.” While aimed at people over 58, it is truly a must watch for everyone. This is why I workout. This is why I want to be stronger. This is why it is never too late to start thinking about your health.

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Misc Thoughts, Highlights and Concerns

Even with sleeping pills, my sleep has not improved much. I have gone from 3-4 hours a night to 5-6 hours a night with lots of awake and restless periods. This weekend I have been taking two sleeping pills at night (per doctor’s orders). I plan to call the doctor and make another appointment and have her run some blood/hormone work. Something is definitely up. I have had sleeping issues in the past, but never this bad.

I have been doing a lot of self-care these past two weeks and really listening to my body. I have had a couple of afternoons at the pool, a pedicure, some tanning, etc. I have also stepped back from both blogs a bit just to give myself more time and space.

Interesting that some days there are tons of females in the weight rooms and other times I am the only one.

Cardio. I get asked a lot why I am not doing cardio. And honestly, people tell me I am wrong not to do cardio. First up, none of these people are me or my coach (who are the only two people I am listening to at the moment). You need to plan your workouts and your activities based around your goals. With that being said, I do miss cardio some and will be slowing reintroducing it. Here’s the plan:

  • From now until the week of October 10th, I will be doing 10-20 minutes on the elliptical at the end of my workouts.
  • Starting October 10th, I will be following my Walk your Way to a 5K program, which is a 6-week program to go from the coach (or little exercise) to walking a 5K. This puts me ready in time for the Thanksgiving Day 5K.

Both Mike and I think this is a great plan for me. My hope is to have zero pain come the Thanksgiving Day 5K (I have plantar fasciitis in both feet).

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That’s about all for now! Would love for you to watch and share Mike’s video!

What’s your weekly workout schedule?



30 Responses to “Dear Coach: Vol. 4”

  1. Working with a personal trainer seems so rewarding! I would love to have the opportunity to do that some day (funds are tight as a student!). I hope you start getting better sleep soon!

    • thanks! he definitely isn’t cheap so knowing i have to pay him helps keep me that much more motivated to follow the plan.

    • i know! its nice having someone else put together my workouts and hold me accountable to them!

    • let me know what you think about the feast/fast post! fast days really can be easy/super fun, but if you haven’t feasted the day before they are HARD!

  2. So sorry to hear you are struggling with sleep. Do you take any extra Magnesium? I had trouble sleeping quite a bit, but when I started drink Natural Vitality’s CALM at night in some water, I have been sleeping really well.
    Hope this week brings sleep for you.

    • i have actually never taken magnesium but will certainly look into it. i see my doctor again today to discuss this issue.

  3. I really do enjoy these “Dear Coach” posts. As a personal trainer myself, I really like getting a glimpse at the thoughts of a client and helps me to be a better trainer πŸ™‚ So thank you!

    • thanks! glad you enjoy them! i actually send them to my trainer as well for him to read them.

  4. Oh I’m so sorry to hear you’re having sleep struggles. I realize I’m extremely lucky and rarely have issues sleeping, but I know how stressful it is when I struggle with sleep.

    • thanks ange! i didn’t used to have sleeping issues, so i am seeing my doctor again today to try and get at the root of the issue.

  5. I am so a cardio girl – I struggle with making sure I do the strength stuff regularly. That said, my goals are usually running/triathlon based so the cardio makes sense (and I like it, haha). Do what works for you and what gets you to your goals!!

    • i used to do mainly cardio and have flipped it to strength. now i am slowly working cardio back in.

  6. Oh man, I hope you can work out your sleep issues! Days are much harder if you have to make it through without enough sleep, good for you for still getting your workouts in! πŸ™‚

    • yes, not sleeping makes the days long and rough. thankfully my program only has me working out three days per week. that is doable right now.

    • thanks! fitness is so personal. it is all about what works for you and what your ultimate goals are.

  7. Aww, I hope you get the sleep issue figured out!! It’s probably the most important part of a 24-hr period, and missing out so much is detrimental to mental and physical health.

    • thanks christina! yes, the lack of sleep has started to lead to daily headaches and definite moodiness. i am seeing the doctor again today!

  8. I hope your sleep gets better! I’ve struggled with insomnia on and off throughout my life. And I remember the first time I started working out with a trainer for focused work-outs…I ate everything in sight!

  9. Doesn’t it make such a huge difference in your day when you the workout in first thing and know you’re done! The winter kills me with this…I just want to stay all snuggled in bed when the alarm goes off at 5am

  10. I smiled when I read “Ive been doing a lot of self care.” Good for you Glenneth! Mike sounds like a wonderful coach.

  11. sorry about your sleeping troubles. maybe running outside and enjoying the fresh air can solve it. πŸ™‚

  12. Having insomnia is really bad. It makes you tired and sometimes nervous. I think practicing workout regularly can help you much. You realized the benefit of fitness to your health so I believe you will get better soon.