Dear Coach: Vol. 7

Hello and Happy Monday! I am continuing my “Dear Coach” series to keep you informed of the progress as I work with Mike Vacani, my online personal trainer. Be sure and subscribe to his Youtube channel as he does fantastic videos.

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Dear Coach - Volume 7

Week Eleven – September 19th


My sleeping issues were getting better this week. I tried using the Calm app for meditation/to put me to sleep. While it did put me right to sleep, it didn’t have much luck keeping me asleep. I will admit to using it for a week and then stopping it. I am also supposed to be foam rolling, but yeah, not so much. I have tried, but not sure I am doing it right. Mike is supposed to be making a video on this (hint, hint).

My back issues cleared up this week. The new workout program and icing twice a day definitely helped.

I did completely stop cardio this week. At some point during the week, I did something to my left big toe (which already had enough issues) and wound up splitting the nail in the middle.


Week Twelve – September 26th

This week officially marked 3 months of training with Mike. See bottom of this post for a progress pic and notes. We started yet another program this week (I no longer have limitations due to my back). Then immediately we had to change it up slightly because of that toe issue I mentioned from last week. I wound up having to have the top half of my big toenail removed during the week. It was just too damaged. I can’t put my toe on the ground like in planks and lunges, so we changed those up and I have new workouts for the next few weeks.

This is one of the great things about working with an online personal trainer (and not in a group setting) is that the workouts are customized for me. This is my fourth different set of training plans since we started. Mike is great to take plateaus and injuries into consideration and designs a new set of programs when he sees fit. We haven’t chnaged my macros up any because I am pleased with my progress. If I weren’t, he would have made some adjustments by now on that as well.

I was back to my MWF morning workouts this week! I cannot believe that I actually like them better than working out after work.


I switched Friday’s workout to Saturday morning to give my toe an extra day after its surgery. UT hoodie and UT tank top in preparation of the UT vs Georgia game. Did you see the game? Did you hear about it? Here’s the final 30 seconds of the game – a must watch!


During the game, I ate this entire pint of ice cream. Why? Because it fit my macros. I still didn’t even get in all my calories on Saturday. Oops.


Three Month Progress Notes

And finally, a progress photo for you. Taken when I started (yikes hate the photo) and this week. I definitely feel leaner and I can tell my clothes are looser. As I mentioned before, I am seeing about a pound a week come off (but weight loss is not my ultimate goal). My ultimate goal is getting stronger. That is certainly happening. I went from maxing out the assist on the pull-up machine at 180 pounds to only using 130 pounds of assist in 3 months. As my coach says: “A TON of pulling strength gains in not THAT much time. Awesome/”

Three Month Progress Photo
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My fitness goal for October is to stay injury free and start cardio back the week of the 10th in preparation for a Thanksgiving Day 5K! Also to continue to work on my pull-ups and chin-ups and impriving my upper body strength.

What’s your fitness goal for October?



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34 Responses to “Dear Coach: Vol. 7”

  1. GREAT JOB on those strength gains!!! I think weight loss is often a bi product as we focus on other things, it’s funny how when we don’t focus on it it just happens! My goal is to actually work out a bit less, I’ve been feeling tired and it is hard for me not to work out on my own in addition to teaching, I like that personal time to myself…but I’m striving to take one more rest day than in the past few months!

  2. You look great, Glenneth!!! Nice job on sticking to your workouts ๐Ÿ™‚ And I LOVE HALO TOP! haha have you tried the mocha chip flavor? That might be my new favorite!

  3. Wow you have really make a lot of progress in such a short time Glenneth! Your online coach sounds very easy to work with. I like that you can easily consult with him on changing things up! I look forward to keeping up with you and your progress! BTW- A huge thank you for the info you gave me over the weekend! I certainly appreciate your time!

    • thanks tricia! mike is definitely a great trainer! you are so welcome! let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. This is an awesome post, you’ve made such great progress. Good for you girl

  5. Great progress! Good luck with your october goals, and your poor toe! My goal for October is to make the same gains I did in Sept or possibly increase the progress I saw in Sept!

  6. Angela

    Wow! You look great!! Congratulations on your gains in strength training, I love following your journey here and on Instagram ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Ouch! I know all about toe pain! My right big toe is my problem toe. I lost the nail in surgery almost 5 years ago and it still grows back all strange and continuously gives me problems. Congrats on all your progress!