Dear Coach: Vol. 6

I am continuing my “Dear Coach” series to keep you informed of the progress as I work with Mike, an online personal trainer. Be sure to check out:

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Dear Coach Volume 6

Week Nine – September 5th

This week started with the Labor Day holiday. Since I was awake (due to sleeping issues), I went in early. Very few people at the gym at that hour on a holiday.


I love our cardio theater, but being the only person in there is a bit eerie. I always use the cardio theater (regardless of movie) because I really like doing cardio in the dark. Cooler.


Trying to end my workouts with the hydromassage due to an injured back.


Morning workouts for the rest of the week.


Can’t always do slam balls because the balls keep disappearing!


Sunday afternoon we took our bikes out. It was the first time in MONTHS I have been on mine. Now that the weather is cooling off and I am adding cardio back into my training, I hope to both walk and ride more.


The best part about this week is my sleep started getting marginally better. The worst part is my hormones were crazy and my emotions were all over the place. I did wind up sending Mike some positives:

  • i have done some cardio this week
  • i bought some kick ass over the knee fall/winter boots. completely out of my comfort zone but i love them and am super excited for fall to get here for i can wear them
  • i have gone down a pants size
  • i am sleeping slightly better and have been listening to my body giving it naps as needed
  • my back is feeling much better, not 100% but definitely better
  • i received this message from a friend/acquaintance of mine yesterday: Just wanted to tell you are really looking great! Noticed in your face and your arms are being thinner and toner. Keep up the work…it’s showing.

And not to dwell on it, because weight loss was not certainly my goal for this and I don’t weigh every week, but I am losing one pound per week. The best part is I am not in the gym all the time and I eat (and drink) real food (and treats).

Week Ten – September 12th

Started a new training program from Mike this week. Changed up all three of my workouts, added in icing my back, biofreeze before workouts, and foam rolling. Must admit, I was a bit of a bitch to Mike when I first saw my new workouts. This was my email to him:

We took all the good stuff out. πŸ™
No squats, leg press, bench press. πŸ™
Although excited no more push-ups.

His response to me: “Priority #1 is always to get back to 100% on an injury. A nagging injury can lead to MONTHS of poor workouts (or getting more hurt). When we compare that to skipping your fave moves for 2 weeks… it’s an easy decision :)”

So, yeah, I got over it and have actually enjoyed my new workouts this week.

Morning workouts again this week. Someone found the slam balls so I did a few of those. And check out this new machine I was using for back extensions.


More time in the hydromassage bed.


Icing my back twice a day!


Check out my fun Friday night – on the floor icing my back.


Did some fasted cardio Saturday morning before all my errands and chores.


Even better this week was that the sleeping has improved even more. A few more weeks of this and I might be back to normal.

Misc Thoughts, Highlights and Concerns

Things I might not have tried/gained without Mike’s support and encouragement:

  • Chinups and pullups (even if they are assisted)
  • Back extensions
  • Constantly trying to increase my weights
  • A fantastic warmup that I love
  • Going WITHOUT cardio for an extended period of time
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What’s your weekly exercise routine look like?



10 Responses to “Dear Coach: Vol. 6”

  1. Right now I workout 4 days a week at home HIIT CARDIO…teach pumped 2 days a week…teach Piloga 1 day a week…it is busy and I love that no matter what I have 1 rest day a week!

    I love that you gave him tough talk and he dished it right back to you πŸ™‚

  2. The slam balls looks like a fun exercise! I love getting to the gym early iin the morning when I can. Right now my training is including lots of running as I gear up to run a couple half marathons later this fall!

  3. Looks like an awesome week of workouts! I just started another 30 Day Yoga Challenge, so that is what I’m focusing on for most of my workouts. I feel so much better after I do it!

  4. That hydro massage and the cardio theater looks great. I would go to a gym for those two. LOL.

  5. Im glad your back is feeling better!! Yay for being down a pants size too!!