Dear Coach: Vol. 3

Hello! Continuing my “Dear Coach” series to keep you informed of the progress as I work with an online personal trainer. Be sure to check out Volume 1 and Voluem 2 of this series.

Dear Coach- Vol. 3

Week Three -July 25th

Still not settled in a Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning routine. Partly due to pretty bad insomnia. I did get all three workouts in though. The problem was that I did Monday, Friday, Saturday. I really need at least a day between workouts to let my muscles recover.

We tweaked my workouts a bit. I do groups of exercises with 2-3 back to back. The problem was that some didn’t make sense logistically in the gym. Mike is super easy to work with.

Week Four – August 1st

Still not M/W/F, but at least a day between. Did Monday, Wednesday, Saturday. Skipped Friday because I essentially got 1 hour of sleep that night. I wound up working from 1AM to 5:30AM Friday morning and then I was a zoombie after. (I did take and pass both of my Google AdWords exams to stay certified – so that was a plus!)

My nutrition was pretty much on point – even with it being that time of the month. I am getting the hang of the two different days (training day calories and rest day calories). I find myself snacking a lot less.

Misc Thoughts and Concerns

I am going to try Tuesday/Thursday afternoon and sometime Saturday this week. Quite possibly this will be better for me and maybe help my sleep. Who knows? Although having been awake since 3AM Monday, not so sure.

I told my trainer I didn’t like some of the exercises he had assigned me. He asked me why (as he should) and I really had to think about it. The exercises I didn’t like were the bodyweight exercises. I told him I preferred machines and dumbbells because they made me feel more badass. Hopefully we will make some adjustments in phase 2.

I am sticking to my nutrition plan probably around 80-95% of the time. I still hate when people comment on what I eat/don’t eat. I am planning and juggling my macros at all times. No one but me really knows where they are and what I have had.

I definitely feel stronger and leaner. I am already moving up in the weights I use and I can tell a difference in how my clothes fit.

I had been off caffeine for a while and last week with all the bad sleep and that time of the month, caffeine came back in full force.

I still miss true carb cycling. I miss Feast days (and fast days). I am hoping that next phase we might incorporate it.

I bought a Fitbit Alta – mainly for the sleep tracking. It also has a reminder to get up and move every hour. And the Alta has interchangeable bands. Any guesses what color I bought with mine?

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Overall, a fairly successful two weeks. Got in all six weeks and stayed close to my nutrition. Anxious to see if I like the afternoon workouts more than the early mornings.

What’s your weekly workout schedule?



21 Responses to “Dear Coach: Vol. 3”

  1. It kind of varies but I teach body pump 2 days a week (M, W with a bit of cardio before class) then I do at home circuits T, R and long run on Saturday! Oh and teach HIIT Cardio for 30 minutes on Friday! BOOM!

  2. What do you like about carb cycling? I’m curious

    • i really like the variety. with five different days of eating, everything is always changing. love low carb days when i eat all the fat and protein and then love feast days when half my calories are carbs. even love fast days – i get a lot done when i am not thinking or planning my food.

  3. Love that you are sticking with your eating plan – that’s essentially the most important. Way to Go Glenneth!

  4. I think the fact you are juggling days and times to find what works for you is awesome! I know it took me awhile to find the right time, but I have finally settled on being a morning person when it comes to working out!

    • if the afternoon workouts don’t improve my sleep, i am going back to the morning workouts. i loved getting it done first thing.

    • he gets a lot of feedback from me. LOL. i agree – if i don’t like it – i won’t do it. so we have to find what works for me and what i enjoy.

  5. I also hate when people comment on what I eat/don’t eat. Just remember it’s your life, and you’re doing what feels right and eating what fuels YOUR body. That’s all that matters 😉 I hope your insomnia gets better. Sounds like you’re making great improvements in the fitness category! Keep it up!!!

  6. Aw man, insomnia must suck!! I am on a 5-day running training plan for my next half marathon, but previously I had used 4-days/week training plans, and am learning just how difficult that extra day is on my legs. Will see if I stick with this, or drop back to 4 days, as I still have 8 weeks before my half.

    Also, interesting you don’t like bodyweight exercises. I think I prefer those over machine exercises!

  7. I’m all about the 80/20 lifestyle. I think it helps you stay focused on your goals, but isn’t too restrictive that you can’t enjoy yourself for special occasions and vacation.