Dear Coach: Vol. 2

Hello! As I mentioned two weeks ago, I have started working with a new personal trainer. I am writing this “Dear Coach” series every other week to keep you informed of the progress. Be sure to check out Volume 1 of this series.

Dear Coach- Vol. 2

Week One – July 11th

Week One started out great, but life had other plans. I did Workout 1 on Monday at 5:30AM as scheduled and followed my training day food plan. Tuesday, a rest day, I was extremely sore and followed my rest day food plan until that evening. The week went downhill at 6PM. I was dealing with a family emergency the remainder of the week. Logging food – out the door. Exercise – out the door. Quality sleep – out the door. It was truly just getting by hour by hour.

While I hated being “that client” that immediately has an excuse, Mike was incredibly understanding and supportive. I continued to update him throughout the week and by Friday we decided to just scrap week 1 (for my sanity). Family truly comes first.

Week Two – July 18th

Week 2 was spot on. I got in all 3 of my workouts at 5:30AM. I love my new schedule – it is working well for me. Wednesday was a little tough. After two hard workouts, being sleep deprived from the previous week, still suffering from insomnia, and the stress of the last week catching up – I wound up taking 3 naps during the day. Luckily I work from home on Wednesdays and have a flexible schedule.

My training day and rest day food plans were pretty much on point. I say pretty much because I had an unplanned cupcake Friday. And guess what, I will probably have a cupcake next week as well (but will plan for this one). I also planned for a big dinner out Saturday night. Everything fit my macros/calories! Some photos from the evening:


Things I Have Discovered From Working Out at 5:30AM

  • There is plenty of parking at that hour of the morning (by 5:30pm the lot is often full).
  • More men than women working out (the afternoons always seemed about equal).
  • I love getting my workout done before I start my day.
  • The gym plays heavy metal/rap music instead of the typical pop (thankfully I wear headphones).
  • The people working out seem more focused – get it done – less talking and social than I see in the afternoons.
  • Lots of muscles in the morning – both men and women. There are some serious lifters at the gym.

Misc Thoughts and Concerns

Mike and I discussed that I sort of miss the carb cycling I had been doing. While I am a very routine kind of person, apparently I really liked having each day be different. I also miss Feast days – which was when I had my “treats” of iced chai tea lattes and a bagel at Panera. We may adjust phase 2 to accommodate. We’ll see.

My body fat monitor broke. I could have replaced it, but for only $10 more I could get a new scale that measures weight, body fat, and other metrics and sends the info to my phone. While I still will not be getting on the scale that often (1-2 times per month), I do enjoy a new gadget. I also like that the new scales gives me other metrics besides just weight to look at.

It feels odd not doing cardio. It is giving my feet time to heal, but feels odd not getting on a treadmill, elliptical, or walking. This may get reintroduced in phase 2 as well. My goal is to walk a pain-free 5K on Thanksgiving Day.

I am ready to start week 3. My workouts are planned and groceries have been bought. Planning to push myself a bit harder this week. As a reminder, my two biggest goals are to get stronger and have more energy.

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What activities/exercises are you do this week?



18 Responses to “Dear Coach: Vol. 2”

  1. Great job on your new workout plan! Sometimes life happens and you have to readjust. Glad your coach was able to accommodate you! Change is hard sometimes, but it’s good to mix things up. Hopefully it’ll continue to go well!

  2. Getting work outs done before the day starts = THE BEST! Working out is always the first thing I do in the AM. I loveeee getting up super early and the work out is done by 7am and then you’re like, wait WHAT?! Ha! I have the whole day to focus on other things and not feel guilty about not getting my heart-rate UP!

  3. I love your 5:30 am comments! I used to teach pilates at a gym in the early morning hours and had the same thoughts!

  4. I think I told you this before that I workout at 5:30am too! And I LOVE it! It is the best thing. I notice such a difference in my mood throughout the day when I don’t workout before work in the mornings. And it’s not a good difference! lol I feel bad for my coworkers on those days!

  5. I miss working out in the morning! My hours start at 5 these days though and my gym doesn’t open til 5 so it’s a no go for now, but hopefully that’ll change eventually! I had so much more energy back when I used to work out in the morning!

    …I want an iced chai tea latte now!!

  6. Getting your workouts out of the way early morning is the best! Have a great Week 3! Way to Go!

  7. I’d love to know what the grocery list looks like! It must be weird indeed not doing any cardio. I was antsy after 6 days of not running due to a toe injury!

    • actually there is no set grocery list. i can eat anything as long as it fits into my macros (which differ on training days and rest days). i eat the most protein, then carbs, then fats.

  8. I hope everything is getting better, as far as the family emergency is concerned! I LOVE going to the gym first thing in the morning. I hardly ever have to wait for equipment, and everyone that is in there at 5 am means business. No having to worry about people hogging weight benches or machines, chatting with other members, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I’d love to transition to an early AM workout. I just really have to “do it”. So major props to you on getting it in and done!!

  10. You’re doing great with your trainer Glenneth. Think of me during your 5:30 workout. I’m almost done with my workout at that time ๐Ÿ™‚