Danger? Please. Let’s Get Real.


Let’s talk about this photo. When I went to find an image for yesterday’s post, I was entering search terms such as “fitness eat more”, “exercise eat more”, etc. I wasn’t finding exactly what I was looking for. The images were all extremely fit people with a salad or fruit. Or fit people pushing away a hamburger and giving a thumbs up to a salad. Not at all what I was looking for.

Finally, I found this photo. Exactly what I was looking for. Then I read the title of the photo, the description, and the keywords. And that’s what I wanted to discuss today.

Title: Danger

Seriously? They titled this photo Danger. Is she about to get shot? Is her life in danger because she is shown to be eating a hamburger? For all you know that could be a black bean burger with turkey bacon. But either way – it is a hamburger – plain and simple. Something all of us have probably consumed at one time or another. There is no danger here except for maybe the hamburger wasn’t cooked enough and she is going to get food poisoning.

Description: Large girl eating a hamburger isolated in white

The large girl part grates on my nerves. She is a girl. You really have no knowledge of her size from what little you can see of her. Plus, what does it matter. Are you saying that a “small girl” wouldn’t be eating a hamburger? The real truth is it shouldn’t matter what size anyone is and it is truly none of my business (or your business) what anyone else eats. It is strictly a personal choice. This title should be “Girl eating a hamburger”. Done.

Related Keywords: beautiful, big, body, burger, care, curves, diet, dieting, exercise, fat, female, figure, fitness, girl, gluttonous, gluttony, gym, hamburger, health, isolated, large, mass, nutrition, obese, obesity, oversize, overweight, person, sexy, unhealthy, weight, white, woman, workout, young

Gotta love the diversity of the related keywords. Health and unhealthy. Gluttonous and beautiful/sexy. Yes, I do know these keywords are there to help people find the photo, however . . . read below . . .

My friend KL in one of my Facebook groups had this to say about the photo: “I just love how contradictory this whole list is. She’s beautiful AND unhealthy! She’s a glutton AND sexy! She needs to diet AND she has curves! … it’s still a snapshot of a cultural moment that such a diverse and contradictory array of adjectives make sense attached to the same image.”

What is worth discussing is that you cannot tell many things from the photo. Most importantly is the word unhealthy. You cannot tell if she is unhealthy from looking at this photo. And eating a hamburger does not automatically mean someone is unhealthy. Get that thought out of your head. You cannot tell how healthy or unhealthy someone is just by looking at them. Repeat: you cannot tell how healthy or unhealthy someone is just by looking at them. Got that?

They also use the words big, overweight, obese, fat. Again, you cannot really tell these adjectives from the photo. And they don’t matter.

Why can we not just see a woman enjoying a burger? Why do we have to relate size, health, beauty to this?

Thoughts? Comments?

Have a healthy day!


4 Responses to “Danger? Please. Let’s Get Real.”

  1. Oh my the tags on that photo are outrageous! It’s just a girl eating a hamburger! I wonder if our society will ever progress from defining people (and women specifically) according to their weight??

  2. It’s always interesting to me how ‘loaded’ certain words are. For instance, I happened to notice a comment on a YouTube video of mine the other day. It included the words ‘thick muscular body’, yet only the ‘thick’ part stuck in my brain. And offended me. Okay, worried me. Do people think I’m thick? What’s the opposite of ‘thick’? ‘Thin’? So I’m not thin? I have to remind myself that they’re only words…
    (And yes this ‘thick’ girl loves a juicy hamburger from time to time 😉 )