Cyclists – Need Your Advice!

Hello and Happy Hump Day! Hope you are having a fantastic week! Tomorrow on the blog I will share an update on my foot. Today we are going to talk about cycling / biking / spinning.

Beautiful Weather

This past Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day. So, I got back on my bike after many, many months off. Lately, I have always found a reason or excuse not to get on my bike and that needs to change.

Something that also needs to change? My posture while riding the bike!


One of the reasons I don’t enjoy riding the bike is I stress out to begin with and lock my elbows and grip the handlebars so tight I can hardly move my arms/hands. Within 10-15 minutes, I am so uncomfortable that it is hard to continue riding. My hands stiffen up so much that shifting gears is hard.

So, I need your advice. How do you relax and enjoy biking/spinning? This happens to me whether I am on a bike outside or inside in a spinning class. Tell me! Share your blog posts about this with me. I need all pointers I can get.

UPDATED: My bike is a Trek 7.5 FX. They consider is a fitness bike – combo road bike and city bike. I did purchase my bike from a professional bike shop and got fitted at that time. It has been two years though, so should I take it back for another fitting? Also, I do get help from the spinning instructor each time to make sure I have the proper fit of the spin bikes. Currently I only ride in empty parking lots – NOT on the road with other cars.

Have a healthy day!


7 Responses to “Cyclists – Need Your Advice!”

  1. MHA (Missy)

    Hi, Glenneth! I have a couple of thoughts for you about your bike!

    I’m not experienced much at all with spinning, but I have biked some. It sounds to me like you’re generally nervous & tense. Are you riding on streets, near traffic, or on the greenway, safely away from cars? Maybe in spin class you could try sitting up & spinning, no hands to keep your shoulders loose.

    I showed the picture of your bike to my husband, mechanical engineer & bike enthusiast, and he had a couple of suggestions. Adding bar ends to the handlebars will give you another place to put your hands, or get a handlebar that is a little wider. He also thought you could take the bike to the shop & ask them to get the handlebar closer to you, maybe with a shorter stem that is angled upward more.

    I thought you might be happier with a cruiser-bike, that has you sitting more upright. I have a road bike, and I admit it isn’t the most comfortable way to travel! My lady bits prefer that I sit up! I don’t have a cruiser and don’t know how much of a workout you’d get on one, but they do look like they’d be much more comfortable. Also something to think about: the lower your posture on the bike, the more tension in your neck, to look up & see what is coming.

    Hope you get comfortable soon!! Have a great week!!

    • cheryl

      Less is more when is comes to saddles…get one with a cut out or split front and your lady parts will thank you!

  2. It’s sounds like a combination of needing to relax more and also a fit issue. A bike needs to be professionally fit otherwise you run the risk of developing injuries. For your bike, take it to a local bike shop, explain what the issue is, and have them put your bike on the trainer and fit it to you properly. For spinning, have the instructor double check your bike setup and explain the issue. They should be able to modify your bike position to better suit you.

  3. I agree with what others are saying. Taking your bike to a local shop and having them put it on a trainer and adjust it to you is a great idea.

  4. This is my absolute expertise.

    I have answers for you, and would be able to guide you better if I knew about more! The spinal alignment is the highest priority. It you have a postural analysis (done quickly and either on your own or guided), it would be easy to personalize your settings on the bike: handlebar height, seat post height, seat post “fore-and-aft”, and a few more.

    I can also help you better understand the best form while riding for your body! Everyone has slightly different needs and preferences.

    Email me! 🙂 Ella (at) peloton cycle (dot) com

    best and talk soon!


  5. cheryl

    I have been riding competitively (road and mountain) and for fun since 1971-and it’s all about the fit of the bike. Also-what are you wearing when you ride? Padded gloves may help as does the foam handlebar grips (they come in different degrees of cushiness).
    If your bike doesn’t fit and you are locking your elbows then your whole body is off and things will hurt.
    I would also recommend a bike made of carbon fiber as it absorbs most road shock-or get a full suspension mtn. bike and ride on roads too. good luck!