Counting Down – 1 Week & 9 Months

Folly Beach 2013

Counting Down One Week

See that beautiful place above. ONE WEEK from today I will be heading to Folly Beach. Another mother/daughter beach trip and I am quite excited. I am already praying that we have great weather during our stay. Here are my posts from the last trip:

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We plan to lay by the pool, play in the ocean, and RELAX. Folly Beach had some amazing restaurants with delicious seafood. Bring it on!

Counting Down Nine Months

Nine months from now is 5-26-2014 – Memorial Day 2014. Memorial Day is often recognized as the “unofficial” start to summer. I know you are probably asking – why look ahead to next summer when we are just finishing this summer. Maybe you had planned to rock a bikini this summer and it didn’t happen. Maybe you had intended to lose some weight and time got away from you. Nine months are a LONG time. In fact, during that time you can create a brand new human. In nine months, you can make plenty of small changes to your life in order to be healthy and fit.

  • Swap sodas and sugary drinks for water.
  • Start training for a 5K. Try the Couch to 5K program – it is a 9 week program. Start early and you might discover you LOVE running. You could be going longer distances by the end of 9 months.
  • Start planking. Plank every other day and imagine how long you will be able to hold it in 9 months. Think about how strong your core will be.
  • Try one new healthy recipe or food a month.
  • Strength train. Two sessions a week for 9 months and you can imagine the amazing muscles you will develop by next summer. Think about those tank tops you will rock.
  • If you plan to lose 1-3 pounds per month, you will have lost between 9-27 pounds by next summer. Think about how great you will feel. And save some money during this time – you will need to shop for new summer clothes.
  • Walk! My favorite form of exercise. Get a pedometer, a Jawbone UP, or a Fitbit Flex and start tracking your steps. Go seven days as normal and get a baseline. Then try to increase 500-1000 steps per week. Pretty soon you will be getting in 10,000 steps a day.
  • Sleep! Make sure you are getting between 7 and 8 hours of “good” sleep per night.

These are just a few changes you could implement. Nine months are plenty of time to create and work a plan to be healthy and fit. Just because you aren’t where you want to be now, doesn’t mean you won’t get there. The biggest thing is to make a plan and work the plan.

What are you counting down to? What small changes do you plan to make in your life? Do you have a favorite beach?

Have a healthy day!


2 Responses to “Counting Down – 1 Week & 9 Months”

  1. i like your take on this – nine months is a long time! plenty of time to make small changes that lead to BIG results!

  2. Your holiday sounds wonderful! The perfect break before a new school year begins!
    And you know that I’m with you on the ‘long game plan’ to getting fit!
    My first step is getting back to yoga. My tight hips are gonna thank me!