Color Me Rad-y for Best Body Bootcamp!!!

TGIF!!! Its Friday and you know what that means….tomorrow is COLOR ME RAD!!! This is what I will get to experience:

I am so excited. Sadly I never got around to making a TuTu for the race, but I think I will survive. Maybe for The Color Run.

Check out the goodies I got at packet pickup yesterday:

Race bib, temporary tattoo, and shades!
Race Bib, Temporary Tattoo, and Shades!
Official Race T-Shirt
Official Race T-Shirt

Sadly I did not realize this shirt was a women’s cut style. Women’s cut and I do not mix in any size. I have too many curves every which way for them to be comfortable. Luckily, my friend J is picking up his packet for me tomorrow and he is going to exchange it for me. Hopefully they will let him cause the material is super soft and comfortable.

Additional Race T-Shirt
Additional Race T-Shirt

These were shirts you could buy separately. Hubby and I each got one of these and we may wear them to the race since they are mostly white.

Color Bombs
Color Bombs

Everyone will receive one color bomb at the end of the race, but you could purchase extras!

Color Me Rad Hoodie - Front
Color Me Rad Hoodie - Front
Color Me Rad Hoodie - Back
Color Me Rad Hoodie - Back

I couldn’t resist buying this hoodie! Going to be a great addition to my fall/winter workout wardrobe! Check back Saturday evening or Sunday for my race recap. Let’s hope I get fairly decent pictures with the camera in a ziploc.

Source: via Jeffrey on Pinterest

After Color Me Rad comes Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp!

So, I originally thought that I would not sign up for Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp Round 3 due to my surgery on November 16th. With bootcamp running October 22nd through December 16th, I will be out of commission for half the time due to my surgery. However, I changed my mind this week and am now registered for bootcamp. What made me change my mind?

  • It is ONLY $25. Check out what you get for your $25: 8 week detailed training program, personalized goal trackers, access to a support group of other participants on Facebook, a general nutrition support document, and motivation to achieve more.
  • While I will be out of commission for 4 weeks, I will be healthy and active the first four. No reason not to participate. Especially because I need to strengthen my arms for the crutches I will be using.
  • The Facebook group offers AMAZING support.
  • There is no where else you can go to get an 8 week detailed training program from a certified personal trainer for $25. Go ask your local personal trainer for this and they will laugh at you.
  • Tina rocks and I want to support her!

I encourage you to head over to Tina’s blog and check out Best Body Bootcamp Round 3 for yourself. Don’t wait too long – registration ends Monday the 15th!!! You can go directly to this page to register. This bootcamp is for EVERYONE! You do not need to be a blogger to join. You can be at any fitness level to join. You can belong to a gym or not. You don’t have to be a runner. Have questions about bootcamp? Visit Tina’s Bootcamp FAQ.

Did I mention there are also cash prizes? Just another great reason to participate. Come join me!

Any upcoming races you are excited about? Thinking about bootcamp or already signed up? Any big weekend plans? Share in the comments section.

TGIF! Enjoy your day!

5 Responses to “Color Me Rad-y for Best Body Bootcamp!!!”

  1. You are going to LOVE Color Me Rad!! Get ready to have lots of fun, get covered in color, and take pictures! Remember to bring a change of clothes and maybe a towel to sit on for your drive home, I completely forgot that!

    And Tina’s bootcamp is awesome. 🙂

  2. hey there! …was searching for photos for the color me rad 5k online & stumbled across your blog! …lovely stuff, indeed<3 …i saw somewhere in this piece a mention of a bootcamp that only costs $25, great stuff! …but i was curious if you've heard of under armours recent What's Beautiful challenge & the FREE bootcamp that is offered to any & all women, all agfes, sizes, shapes, colors & skill levels, 7days a week??? …you may have noticed us at the color me rad race too?!! …the sentinel did a piece on us, as we were the LARGEST registered group in color me rad history!!! …we've also been in the news, papers & live tv for months now, it's becmoe quite the movement & now has over 400+ members/followers now, so i just thought you might like to drop by sometime & enjoy meeting some new faces & bask in the beautiful love & camaraderie that these beautiful women have for one another, in a truly uplifting bootcamp…did i mention that it'll kick your butt? …don't worry, we have lots of modifications avail & it can be as hard or easy as you make it;) …oh & the group is founded & run by Sarah Van Sickle …& we, ALL of us in the group, are available on facebook as well!!! …hope you have a beautiful day & a great workout… as they say… "no matter what, sweat every day!!!"
    namaste fellow goddess!
    ~christina hogan-webster

    • Glenneth

      Hey Christina,

      I am so glad you left a comment. I had been wondering about your group – have seen you guys at a couple of 5Ks. I have requested to join the Facebook group. Would love to enjoy meeting some new faces!