Color Me Rad with Lots of Color!

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! Knowing that I will be spending next weekend on the coach recovering from surgery, I am trying to get a LOT done this weekend. So far, so good. Later this afternoon comes getting the yard mowed and changing the air filters.

The Color Me Rad professional photos are back and I wanted to share them with you. I will say I knew they would be fabulous because they hire local photographers and Knoxville has some incredible photographers. The 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th were all done by Allan and Lisa Mueller of Alm Photo.

Can I just say how AFFORDABLE the Color Me Rad photos are? I bought all six of the digital photos below for under $20.00. ONE digital photo of hubby at the Covenant Half Marathon is $39.95. ONE. That is ridiculous. Thanks Color Me Rad!

Here we go with the photos!

Check out L and I BEFORE the race started. Check out how white those shirts are!

2013 Lisa and Glenneth Before

Here I am heading into the 5th and final color bomb station! It just happened to be my favorite color – ORANGE!

Glenneth - Color Me Rad
Glenneth - Color Me Rad

Not sure what I was doing with my arm here. At least you can see the RAD pink bracelet I bought.

2013 Color Me Rad - Glenneth

Here I am with L and her hubby J. He is quite orange because he had them dump orange over his head!

Glenneth, Lisa, and Jeff

L and I AFTER the race. We look a little different don’t we. My shirt actually STILL looks like that. I have decided to dye it in vinegar and leave it looking like that.

Lisa and Glenneth after

If there is a color race coming to your area – GO! They are such fun!


3 Responses to “Color Me Rad with Lots of Color!”

  1. Good photos – Wow! That is unbelievable that Knoxville Marathon charges that much. Surely they don’t sell many.