Color Me Rad vs The Color Run

Color Me Rad vs The Color Run

Updated 2-17-2013: This has become one of my most popular posts. A few updates are below.

Having done both Color Me Rad in Knoxville and The Color Run in Nashville during October 2012, I feel qualified to compare the two events. Both had strengths and weaknesses. The Color Run rocked because we used it as an excuse for a 3-day weekend in Nashville. Color Me Rad rocked because it was in my hometown and so great to see 1000s of people participate. They both rocked because we had friends walking/running with us.

Let’s compare a few areas and I will pick a winner for each.

Distance – 5K

Both races claim to be a 5K distance (3.1 miles). I know that these are fun, non-timed events. I just think if you say you are a 5K, at least get to 3 miles. My Garmin (and hubby’s) measured Color Me Rad at 2.8 miles and The Color Run at 2.6 miles. Both events could do better than this. I have read online others saying that their event was short also. Maybe the event organizers need a new tape measure.

Winner: Neither


We waited in line to park for Color Me Rad (Knoxville) for over 30 minutes. We pulled right into The Color Run (Nashville) and had plenty of empty parking spaces. We arrived at the same time for each (1 hour 15 minutes) before start time. The Color Run held the event at LP Stadium (where the Titans play) which held 100s (if not 1000s) of cars. If either comes back to Knoxville, I suggest a different location – maybe near our stadium which has ample parking for large events.

Winner: The Color Run

UPDATE: Color Me Rad is coming back to Knoxville in April and have changed the course, which means the parking has changed. Guessing I was not the only one to complain about this.


Hands down the winner was Color Me Rad (Knoxville). The Color Run had sparse port-a-potties that were disgusting. Do know that we use TONS of port-a-potties at the different races we participate in. I tried two different ones. Neither had paper and both obviously hadn’t been serviced in days. Luckily I didn’t need to go that badly. I have actually never seen a port-a-potty in that shape in my life. NEVER. My guess is The Color Run was depending on the City of Nashville to ensure that the port-a-potties were cleaned. Someone in The Color Run organization should have ENSURED that the task was actually completed. Just disgusting.

Winner: Color Me Rad

Color Amount

The photo below shows me after Color Me Rad (left) and The Color Run (right). To be fair, I used my picture from The Color Run BEFORE hubby dumped an entire green packet on me.

Color Me Rad vs. The Color Run
Color Me Rad vs. The Color Run

Color Me Rad had 5 color stations and two of those were liquid color. The Color Run had 4 color stations – all powder. I think the liquid color helped the powder stay on your clothes which led to a more colorful race.

I will say that I think The Color Run volunteers put more color on you and there were more volunteers with each color station.

Winner: Color Me Rad


From packet pickup to the actual race day experience, I thought Color Me Rad staff were friendlier and more prevalent. We hardly saw any staff from The Color Run on race day (except for the color stations). Color Me Rad had staff/volunteers everywhere – both on the course and in the festival area. The announcer for Color Me Rad was hilarious and really kept the crowd upbeat.

Winner: Color Me Rad

UPDATE: Staffing and volunteers are so very important. Not just to ensure everyone has fun, but in case of emergency. The Color Run needs to ensure they have enough staff/volunteers based on the size of the event and do something to make sure they stand out.


Just going by extras we bought – Color Me Rad won. We each bought an extra shirt and I bought a hoodie. I tried to buy some items on race day from The Color Run. With the line consistently over 200 people, I decided not to stand in line. To be fair, both have an online store where you can buy items at any time. I liked the products/colors that Color Me Rad had better. I bought a hoodie from there and love it!

Color Me Rad Hoodie - Front
Color Me Rad Hoodie – Front

Winner: Color Me Rad


This area really pisses me off. Color Me Rad had photographers along the course. About a week after we received an email with a link to our photos and the ability to search for more photos. I thought they were great and bought 4 of them (approximately $8.00). Here is my favorite:

"Official" Color Me Rad Photo
Official Color Me Rad Photo

So, when The Color Run sent out an announcement that you could pay $5 before the race and download as many photos as you wanted, I paid my $5. HUGE disappointment here. They had NO (ZIP ZERO NADA) photographers on the course. The only way you got your photo taken professionally was to stand in yet another long line. Of course, I didn’t really realize this until a few days ago when I got the email that said I could search for my photo. Once I started looking at photos, I realized we weren’t even going to be in them because we didn’t stand in the photo line.

Winner: Color Me Rad (by a HUGE margin)

Goodies with Registration Fee

Color Me Rad: black t-shirt, sunglasses, color packet, tattoo

The Color Run: white t-shirt (which we wore to the race), headband, color packet, water bottle, tattoo

Overall, it was pretty even on this. I am much more a sunglasses girl than a headband girl, plus sunglasses NEED to be worn when they are throwing handfuls of color at you. The water bottle was a nice touch from The Color Run. I did actually carry it with me and used it. The black t-shirt from Color Me Rad is super cool. Hubby actually wore his last night to dinner.

Winner: Tie

The overall winner is COLOR ME RAD!!! I certainly enjoyed both of them, but I am DEFINITELY signing up for Color Me Rad if they come back to Knoxville.

I asked hubby his thoughts on the two races. I didn’t tell him my thoughts, just that I was writing a blog article comparing the two. Hands down his favorite race was Color Me Rad. Mainly because of size. Color Me Rad in Knoxville was about 5500 people. The Color Run in Nashville was about 15,000 people. The Color Run race started at 9AM and we didn’t get through the start line until 10AM.

UPDATE: In full disclosure, both companies contacted me via twitter the day this post was originally published. Color Me Rad wanted to thank me and said they were glad I had such a great time. The Color Run said they would love to talk to me and were sorry I was disappointed. I gave them my cell phone number and told them to call anytime. They never called, never sent another tweet, nothing.

UPDATE: One question I often see is “how do you take pictures?” The first race I put my camera in a ziploc. Then all my pictures were fairly blurry. The second race I used an older point and shoot without a ziploc. All the color came off the camera without a problem and I got great pictures. I also wore my Garmin the second race and wiped the color right off.

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Have you done a color race? What did you think?


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  1. Great review! I have never done a color run but from what you say above , Color Me Rad would be my choice too. I probably wouldn’t even participate in the other.

    Love the hoodie! Glad you had fun.

  2. Great Review! I’ve done the Color Run before, but I’ve never heard of Color me Rad. I’m dying to try that race now.

  3. Great review! I’ve only ran the Color Run and was surprised that your location didn’t have photographers on the course as the one in Minneapolis did. One thing that I didn’t like about the Color Run was the organization for the starting corrals (or lack there of) it wasn’t clear when certain heats were supposed to line up for start so my friend and I ended up just starting with a heat and hoping it was right, not that it mattered terribly, but it could’ve definitely been better organized when you have 15,000+ people participating.

    I would love to try out the Color Me Rad sometime but unfortunately it doesn’t come to Minneapolis. Maybe it will one day or maybe I’ll just have to use it as an excuse to take a trip somewhere πŸ™‚

  4. Great Review. I’m planning on doing Color Me Rad next year.

  5. beth fasnacht

    I did Color Me Rad in Indianapolis, and haven’t done the Color Run. However Iwill say that the Color Me Rad was a great experience. My only complaint was the the packet pickup wasn’t clearly marked as to where it was, once you asked around and pointed in the right direction it was a great day! Start to finish it was loads of fun, each and every staff member and volunteer was beyond friendly and full of smiles. Which is exactly any race/event should be. I will absolutely be doing the Color Me Rad again!!!

  6. I’ve never run a color run before, but thanks for comparing them! I’ve been curious about the difference between them

  7. Thank you for your post! I was planning to do The Color Run with my sister and so glad I haven’t signed up for this! I will check out Color Me Rad and see if we can find one close. I think that this looks like fun but also I don’t want to pay for a run and not even get to run the distance!

  8. We did the Color Me Rad in Knoxville as well and loved it!! We didn’t wait in line at ALL to park – got there about an hour early and parked at the lot just south of Magnolia with no problem… so maybe it was just the lot you were in. I had no complaints at all, the whole thing was high-energy, well planned and well executed. I hope they come back next year! (P.S. – the free tshirts were AWESOME, sooooo soft!!)

  9. I really want to do a color run, or a mud run for that matter, but none of them have come to Charleston yet. How fun they would be. Sorry about the picture SNAFU.

  10. I’ve done both events. That being said, my Color Me Rad Experience was far worse than The Color Run. I felt like The Color Run was a far better production with their stage and mascot and the color throw was way bigger! Color Me Rad’s stage was a dinky little platform. I thought the announcer for Color Me Rad was annoying and sometimes off color (which is ironic). I just saw the new video from The Color Run and it’s worlds beyond what Color Me Rad ever was.
    Both races are a great idea, but as far as execution and production, The Color Run wins in a landslide. I will be doing The Color Run again for sure.

    • Hi Jess. Always interesting to hear different opinions. Which locations did you attend? I will do both race again, but Color Me Rad came out ahead this time.

  11. Thanks for your review. I’m doing the Color Run in a few weeks and now that I’ve found out about the Color Me Rad am considering doing that one too in a couple months. Good to hear the different views on the races.

    • Enjoy your races! I enjoyed both of them tremendously, but preferred Color Me Rad this time. I won’t turn down the chance to do either of them again.

  12. Thanks for that review. I was surprised to learn that there are, in fact, TWO color races. I did the Color Run in New Orleans a couple of months ago and had a blast, though there were a few shortcomings…

    You’re right that there weren’t enough volunteers, especially at the beginning of the race. They weren’t totally necessary, but it was weird to slowly figure out what the hell was going on. I had no idea about heats and stuff, so it was briefly confusing seeing and hearing people a few thousand rows ahead of me counting down and then nothing. Walk. Stop. Walk. Stop. It makes sense to do the heats, as the crowd was tremendous, but I would have liked to know beforehand, or when approaching the staging area.

    The location was kind of strange. It was on the lakefront going around the University of New Orleans campus, and there were areas of the run that were cluttered by huge, broken, concrete somethings. Really detracted from the whole experience, and I could tell a lot of people felt the same way from the wave of “wtf?”s I heard as people ran through the area. The next one in NOLA is in City Park, which will be beautiful that time around. I had the sense that they didn’t know better for the first one…

    I’m pretty sure this run was a full 5k, but I could be wrong. I had recently run a true 5k and my legs were still sore from that.

    The amount of color people got really depended on the amount of time they hung out in the color station. The faster you run through it, the less color you will get.

    I didn’t check out the bathrooms, but I imagine they may have been in the same state. From your description, The Color Run had 10 thousand more people makin poops than Color Me Rad. That’s a lot of doodie. You can’t win em all.

    Anyway, The color run really was super awesome, and I’m looking forward to doing the Mardi Gras themed one as well. Probably won’t do Color Me Rad this time around, but your review makes me want to do it next time. Thanks!

  13. RoseMary Welch

    Thanks for the info. My daughter (16) wanted to do the Color Run last year, but I didn’t want to deal with New Orleans and the date was bad. I ran across a post about Color Me Rad and the dates were better. We were on both websites and trying to compare them. She liked Color Me Rad better. Thanks again for the info, I think we will probably do Color Me Rad.

    • Glenneth

      Hope you and your daughter enjoy the race! If you like hoodies (or your daughter does), the ones Color Me Rad sells are fabulous. So soft and comfortable. I wear mine all the time. I plan on getting another color at this race.

  14. Thank you so much for doing this! I was debating between the two, being that they are both on the same date. My decision is confirmed now! Thanks so much!

  15. Glenneth,
    Are there more walkers in Color Run or Color Run Rad?

    • Glenneth

      Hi Carol! Both The Color Run and Color Me Rad have TONS of walkers. They also let participants start in waves or heats, so there are always people in front/behind you. Good luck!

  16. I know this is old, but I just signed up for a Color Me Rad run and didn’t realize that it and Color Run were two different races until after I signed up. I Googled hoping to find out what the difference was and I’m very glad that Color Me Rad was great for you, I’m sure it won’t disappoint me πŸ™‚

  17. I did the Color Run last year when it came to Kansas City for the first time and was very impressed. They had one of the largest groups they’d ever had but the racy was extremely organized and efficient – much more so than some of the smaller 5ks I’ve run. I was also covered in color by the end and had to scrub several times to get it all off!

    They also had photographers/cameras set up along the course to get action shots of the runners. After the race, you logged in and searched for your race number to find your pictures. Maybe this varies by city? Seems odd it wouldn’t be the same nation-wide.

    I loved the Color Run in KC and had a complete and total blast. I’ve already signed up to do it again this year!

    • I would honestly do the Color Run if it came to Knoxville (where I live). I am not sure I will travel for it again. So glad you enjoyed the race. I had a blast, just wish some things had been better – especially the no photo part. Even worse I had prepaid $5 for photos and got NONE.

  18. This was very cool and simple way to break down the difference between the two, very helpful. The breakdown was easy and simple to follow, great job! This helped narrow it down to my Color Me Rad race this spring!

  19. Christiane

    In Michigan, we only had one option last year – The Color Run. I participated in Ypsilanti, so it went through the campus area of Eastern Michigan University. To be honest, I had a BLAST! I had nothing to compare it to, so I had a ton of fun. I don’t remember any photo option at all, and you’re right, I don’t remember a heck of a lot of people from TCR other than color stations, but it seemed pretty well run. As for parking, I sneakily got a fantastic spot, so I think I fared pretty well.

    All that being said, this year Color Me Rad is coming to town and I’m excited to experience it! Wanna know what a big bummer is? Color Me Rad Detroit and The Color Run Ypsilanti (both are in the Metro-Detroit area- same location, really) are ON THE SAME DAY. Seems dumb to me. Color Me Rad has a WAY cooler location (we are going to run alongside the Detroit River), so I didn’t hesitate signing up today when registration opened for it.

    Thanks for sharing! Makes me more excited to check out CMR!

    • That is surprising that they planned those races on the same day. I do think you will enjoy Color Me Rad. If you like zip-up hoodies, get ONE from Color Me Rad. I LOVE mine and am buying another one (in a different color) this year. Softest, most comfortable thing ever. Have fun!

  20. This is a great comparison, since both are coming to my town this summer, I was wondering what the difference was between the two. It seems that at the core, they having the same idea but the execution is different. I’m eager to see first hand how both the organization operate, and of course run the 5ks! Since it may be different in each town, or improved since you wrote this in October, I’m sure I’ll post about my experiances this summer.

  21. Thanks so much for those comparison of the races. I’m running in Detroit at the color me Rad race may 11th But the color run opened more spots for the same day in Ypsilanti which is close to me too. Many of my friends are doing the color run. But I decided to stick with color new Rad. And you confirmed it. And Thanks to you. I will take my camera now!! Thanks so much!!

  22. To christiane
    I’m also doing color me Rad in Detroit. In fact I went to the color run fb page and tld people about color me Rad cause there were more cities and more openings and the color run banned me from there page. So It’s color me Rad all the way!!! Have fun!!

    • I can’t really blame them. You used the Facebook page they use to promote their race series for to promote a competitor. Do you think if you went to Coke-A-Cola’s page telling everyone to drink Pepsi or Wal-Mart’s page talking up Target that you wouldn’t get the same thing? If someone did that to my business, I wouldn’t have an issue banning them either. For all they know, you work for Color Me Rad. They’re just protecting themselves.

  23. not surprised this is a popular post, just find it searching for which race to sign-up for, they’ll both be nearby where I live. thanks!

  24. I know this is an old post but I found it via Google so others might too. A lot of these complaints about the logistics of the races are not really the responsibility of the race companies. In each city, there’s a race management firm (often part of a local running store) that oversees the basic stuff. That’s why you’ll have variances in how the corals are managed, race photographers, course lengths etc.

    At every race I’ve been part of as either a participant or volunteer, there are very few actual employees of the race company. You’re either dealing with people who work for or are contracted by the race management firm or volunteers.

    The swag bag is one thing but if you aren’t happy with the way a race is managed, let the race management company know. It’s largely their responsibility.

  25. We actually straightened it out and the color run sent me a free t shirt to wear. And offered me to run free to any one of there other races to compare the two myself Then color me Rad did one better and sent me a free hoodie..bracelet and it pays to state your opinion!

  26. Was the shirt that came with your entry pack true to the size or does it run small ? I am about to register for the color me rad run and would like to know. πŸ™‚ and thank u for your input on both color runs πŸ™‚

    • Glenneth

      I got the unisex XL size and it runs pretty true to size. Enjoy the race!

  27. You should go to the color me Rad Facebook page and Check out the pic I posted of the free Hoodie they sent me. The new design is awesome. So now I have one of each But the new design is awesome. My name on there is Lisa Harrison Francis.

  28. I just ran my first COLOR ME RAD yesterday and it as amazing! Everything you said about them was spot on, even for our venue. Lots of parking, photographers everywhere, easy to find staff. I did have to wait for my wave to start, which apparently ended up being, whenever you got in line. I’m excited for our pictures. I was just searching for a spot to find them online, so I’m relieved to hear we’ll get an email in a few days. πŸ™‚

    The only thing I have to add is that OUR race (in Eugene, Oregon) was about 6.78K according to my Runtastic, which is WAAAY longer than a 5K, but to be fair, I think it had to do with the course we took, which was on an established running path along the river and back, so they had no choice but to use the bridges that were there, and couldn’t really adjust the length of the course. Either way, its good to know (and be prepared for) a shorter or perhaps longer race.

    I’ll be running THE COLOR run in september and will be interesting for me to compare also!

    Great post and thanks for the info!! πŸ™‚

  29. thanks for this review :). I have never done a color run before but am going to sign up for the Vancouver ‘Color Me Rad’ 5K this summer. I had no idea there were two different color runs! I am looking forward to it. sounds like I will have fun! oh and thanks for the tip on cameras…I am a picture hound πŸ˜‰ and would hate to not have pics!!! I will bring my 2nd camera with me. πŸ˜€

  30. Bridgett

    Just did the Color Me Rad run today–it was such a great event!! It was capped at 7000 people and apparently behind schedule but it’s a fun run so we didn’t mind! My 5yo participated and she had a fantastic time-very kid friendly. We’ll do this again for sure!

  31. Ranell

    I did Color Me Rad early in April 2013, and am getting ready to write an informational guest article in my home newspaper as one of their nearby towns prepares to host a Color Run. The purpose of my article is just to promote either, really, and give some more information about the color runs, in general. I didn’t know there were multiple runs until recently, and actually was checking online to see if these two were related when I came across your blog. Loved your comparison! Thanks so much for sharing. Apparently the two races started about the same time (2012), and their goals are approximately the same. My two favorite things: I loved that any age and ability level is encouraged to participate (it was really so much fun to see all of the kids there, with families enjoying it together!) and I loved the high energy of the event!

    • Glenneth

      So glad you enjoyed Color Me Rad. I have done two Color Me Rads, one Color Run, and am registered for another Color Me Rad. They are such fun races and it is so great to see so many people out getting activity and having fun at the same time. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  32. Aaron

    I didnt read the posts to see if someone had already shared this link, but I wanted to share this with you since you were curious about taking pictures at these events. The professional photographers that are hired for these events sometimes rent lenses, and here is what the rental company had to say about the lenses after the race. .

    Mind you, these are professional grade lenses that are sealed.

  33. Good to know I’m running sat in Detroit was going to take my camera and phone. But now I think I’ll buy a disposable camera!

    • Glenneth

      I have an old point and shoot that I now use strictly for color races or trail runs.

  34. Good idea!! I just bought a waterproof disposable and a disposable with a flash!

  35. Alaina

    Just did Color Me Rad today in OKC, and it was a blast!! We have no complaints at all. The Color Run is coming here in October, and I was trying to decide if we should do it also, or just wait for CMR to come back. Thanks for helping me make the decision – I think we are going to wait. πŸ™‚

    We put our cell phones in a Ziploc and took before then after pics, worked fine and our phones are fine. We only took them out to take pics, and usually away from flying color bombs. πŸ™‚ Thanks for posting your review!!

  36. I also did color me Rad today. In Detroit. It was so fun. Cold and dreary But fun. I would do it again in an instant. I took a disposable camera and kept it and my keys in a color me rad Fanny pack. I used my camera phone before and after the race. Away from the color bombs…the color run was also today That’s Why I couldn’t do both.. this one was run smoothly.. loud music. Dancing..tons of free stuff thrown out to the crowd. Definitely got us in the mood. I’ve never ever done any kind of a run. But I ran some and wtalked some and finished in about 40 min…I posted tons of pics on my fb page and I liked that flo-foto took tons of pics that will be available on Wednesday. It was a great experience!!! I did put garbage bags on my car seats. Good thing since the green and yellow were paint sprayed on us. And not powder.

  37. Katie Dunn

    I’ve also done both races in different cities, but overall, I preferred The Color Run. A lot of that was because of the venue. Color Me Rad came to OKC and used our State Fairgrounds. The path was not wide enough and many times we were running on loose gravel and sand…NOT FUN!! I also thought that The Color Run did a much better job of making a fun party atmosphere afterwards. Not the same things you were comparing, but I guess I didn’t pay that much attention to the potties πŸ™‚ I did like that Color Me Rad had SO many photographers there and am anxious to see what pictures they have of us, but I took PLENTY of my own at The Color Run and they are great.

  38. See now at color me Rad last sat in Detroit. The after party went on for about 4 hours after the race. Lots of music dancing and color bombing. Free stuff being thrown out and some Zumba dancing with a trainer from powerhouse gym!

  39. David

    I just went to the color run in San Jose today and I can say that I have no complaints. Even though there were only powder stations, there were also people spraying you and at the end people throw color packets off the stage and spray you. Lots of volunteers and photographers as well.

  40. Mackenzie

    i preferred the color run more because when i did the color me rad one it the course was so crowded. and the color was closer together unlike the color me rad race. πŸ™‚

  41. Great review! I just signed up for the color me rad and thought it was the same as the color run and when I found out it was different I was bummed. But, after reading your review I am excited to experience the color me rad and I agree I like their t-shirts, they are cool looking and comfortable.

    • Glenneth

      Enjoy Color Me Rad! It is a FUN race!

  42. Amelia

    I love your review. I just did Color me rad in buffalo- my first. But in the fall I will be doing another one, “run or dye”. Have you heard of it/done it? It seems to be more prevalent in Canada

    • Glenneth

      Thanks! I think run or dye is slowly coming to american cities. I will certainly try it if it comes here! Let me know what you think.

  43. Useful details. Fortunate my family I discovered your blog accidentally, with this particular amazed exactly why this kind of collision didn’t happened in advance! My partner and i book-marked it.

  44. I did the color run last summer in Grand Rapids. We went really early (hour drive) and lucked out with a sweet parking spot. It was lots of fun. The color run came to Lansing today (20 min drive) but I figured I didn’t really need to do another on a hot summer day . (Last year we had nice cool weather which was awesome!) I am considering doing color me rad since it will be in October πŸ™‚ I’m still waiting for the electric run to get here!

  45. Great post! Thanks for the comparison. I would love to get color me rad to come to our town!

  46. That’s really good info. If you are so inclined, please share this with your friends:
    I am the Property and Operations Director at Montvale (formerly Camp Montvale) in Maryville, owned by Harmony Family Center. We purchased the camp a few years ago and are renovating and restoring it to run adoptive family camps, other camps for kids and families, equine therapy, conferences and retreats, etc. We are a non-profit, so we are raising all of funds to do so. We held the Mudder’s Day 5K mud run in May, and are hosting the Flying Colors 5K color run on September 14 at Maryville College. All the proceeds from both events will 100% benefit the Montvale property and operations! It will be a fun event, so come out with your family. As far as your items to compare, here is what we are planning (subject to change, of course):
    Distance – 3.0-3.1mi
    Parking – All on Maryville College campus
    Restrooms – Non-color powder bathrooms available before the race at the Clayton Center for the Arts; Port a potties at the finish line
    Color – 5 color powder stations, plus The Grand Finale at the finish line!
    Staff – Volunteer staff will help with parking, traffic, registration, etc. (Look for the volunteer shirts, and let me know if you would like to volunteer!)
    Photos – We plan to have photographers on the course, at the finish line, and milling around snapping shots. No guarantees, but we hope to catch everyone!
    Goodies – White t-shirt, sunglasses, and other sponsor offers
    Proceeds – 100% of the proceeds will go Harmony Family Center at Montvale. Read more about Harmony Family Center at

    Email me with any questions!

  47. Great post! I did The Color Me Rad race yesterday for the first time, thinking about do The Color Run in October. Both races for Saint Louis, MO.

  48. A first ever color 5K is being held in beautiful Ogden Valley, Liberty, Utah, on September 7th. Our run, held by the Community Foundation of Ogden Valley, benefits all non-profits operating in our valley. I know that most color runs are private enterprise operations. I would like to hear more about the runs around the country that are held for the benefit of their communities. We benefit youth, handicapped skiers, trail building and maintenance, the arts and the local schools. This can be a fun way to WALK and HELP at the same time.

  49. Candace Herrod

    Great Article – I’m excited to be doing both Color Me Rad and The Color Run here in Vancouver within the next month! πŸ™‚ So I too will probably have a good take on which run is better. I suspect a lot will have to do with the number of participants, the number of volunteers and the locations.

    What I’m wondering is, can anyone who have done them give me any insight into T-shirt size? I’m typically a women’s Large to XL or a Men’s Medium to Large. I’m just wondering if the women’s t-shirts fit as standard or run a bit large or small. Would love some input! πŸ™‚ Thanks fellow runners!!!

  50. Tiffany

    I just did a color run, “Run or Dye,” here in Syracuse, NY. Our race’s actual length was 1.7 miles!!! It was a HUGE disappointment! You’d think they’d have that little piece of info in one of the many emails/updates that they send you. As for the “dye stations” that were promised all along the course…. There was ONE. But I guess on such a short track there wasn’t room for much more -_- The professional photographers were MIA. I saw a couple mixed in with the crowd before and after the race, but none were present during. This was my first race, and I was extremely excited. With all the emails they sent me offering suggestions on how to prepare, I was put under the assumption that it was going to be intense (if you chose to run and not walk.) I think my expectations were lead to be set too high.

  51. Color Me Rad >>>>> The Color Run and it is not even close!!

    Both came to Mobile, AL. CMR in April the TCR in October.

    I loved the Tshirts that you received from CMR because it is actually a shirt you will wear after the race. Yours was black and mine was blue. TCR was just a white shirt, and like you, I wore it during the race. The CMR ladies shirts are very slim fitting. I wear a M but had to swap it out for an XL (!!) but luckily they let me swap it.

    There was a HUGE explosion of color at the finish line of CMR. Nothing a TCR, just a finish line.

    When I registered for CMR I was able to pick a time (e.g. 8:00, 8:15, 8:30, etc) to run. TCR was 8:00 for everyone so everyone got there at the same time and had to stand in line at the start while they let a few runners go every few minutes. That was NOT fun!!

    No photos at TCR but numerous at CMR.

    I would definitely do the CMR race when they come back but I will not do another TCR again.

  52. I did The Color Run in Cleveland last year and thought it was amazing. Lots of music, people and color. It felt like a huge party. There was a light rain, which sucked, but the MC’s did a fantastic job keeping everyone up beat.

    They sent out groups of people in waves, not sure why, but it wasn’t bad. The energy was so high, that I didn’t mind the wait.

    They handed out color (that I thought was chap stick…should have seen my lips), bags of color, tattoos, sunglasses, treats etc.

    They are doing the Color Run this year closer to home, Erie, PA and we (me and my kids) signed up last month…they have 10,000 people that have signed up and registration is closed, and the 5k isn’t until August. I’m so EXCITED!!!

    I would love to do the Color Me Rad, but so far I haven’t found a location that is close. I think they are all a great idea…have fun and get out there and MOVE!

  53. I just wanted to say that this is an awful review. You made it seem like the Colour Run is horrible and Colour Me Rad is a billion times better. Meanwhile, if you did the colour run before colour me rad, I am sure you would have thought it was amazing. Basically you are saying, the colour run sucks, don’t go. but that is just your opinion! you should be saying equally good things about each run and then stating your preference. Also, it really depends on the location. In one city, there could be 80 photographers from that area who signed up to take pictures for the run. Or, only 12. It really depends on the area.

  54. Awesome comparison! I’ve been dying to do the Color Run but me and my boyfriend are going to do Color me Rad this Summer and this article makes me feel 100x better in our decision. I do have a question as to what you did with your car keys and cell phones? I was thinking of possibly using a fanny pack hahaha but wasnt sure how well it would work.

  55. Kelley Spencer

    Great perspective – thanks! I’ve never done a color run at all and I’ll be doing the Color Me Rad run this coming Saturday (in a few days). I originally wanted to do the Color Run but I had missed it. I’m actually more excited after reading this and you answered a few questions I had as well. Cannot wait!

  56. Tiffany

    Really like the article. I have done the color me rad I really enjoyed it was a lot of fun. My sister however asked me to do the color run with her this year which we are doing June 8. Now after reading the article I’m a little bummed that I’m not doing the color me rad again. Oh well. I hope I still have a good time!

  57. Addie Hanchey

    can you sign up for the color run the day of the event there?

    • Glenneth

      I am not affiliated with either organization. Specific questions like that need to be directed to them. Thanks!