Color Me Rad Knoxville 5K Recap

What do you get when you have 5 adults, 1 munchkin, and lots of color? A BLAST!

Saturday was my fourth Color Me Rad event and by far my favorite one. Why? It was the munchkin’s first time. The cutie pie below is our friend J and L’s 4.5 year old daughter, S. It was definitely a family event. My hubby, myself, J, L, S, and S’s grandmother were all in attendance. Here is S and myself nice and fresh before the race. We are both rockin’ the tutus.


Loved the dolled up smart car. They had a couple of these for photo ops.


Getting close to the start line. The Color Me Rad is a HUGE event and they line you up and then let people go in waves. This cuts down some on congestion and is supposed to be easier on the color stations.


I really have nothing bad to say about this race, but we were a little frustrated with the line for the first color station (yellow). We probably waited 5 to 10 minutes in total just to go through. There were many people who just passed it up and kept running.


The munchkin loved her first color station. We taught her to spin through the stations so she got colorful on all sides!


Of course the pink station was my favorite.


I know a little of people don’t understand the appeal of color events. Check out S’s face as she is finishing the orange station (this was our finish line). Sheer enjoyment. That’s the appeal – its FUN. It was definitely fun for us watching her enjoy the race, the color stations, and all the people.


Color bombs went off on a regular basis.


After (front):


After (back):


I know I look mostly orange and pink. That’s mainly because the color bombs we were given at the finish line were orange and pink. At the point of this picture, S was over it. Some of the powder had gotten into her eyes and she was done. I talked her into posing for an after picture and this was the best one.


Erin over at Girl Gone Veggie did the Color Me Rad in a different city on Saturday. You can check out her recap HERE.

Have a healthy day!


7 Responses to “Color Me Rad Knoxville 5K Recap”

    • Glenneth

      you DEFINITELY need to do a color race with her. i think she would LOVE it.

  1. I’m so glad you had fun!! I’m wondering how much bigger your event was than ours because there was no lines to go through the color stations, you just ran through them as part of the course. They did really spread out waves a half an hour apart though so that might be why. I was finishing while the next wave was being released.

    • Glenneth

      they started our race about 9:15 and let groups go about every 5-10 minutes until 10am i think. we waited at each color station, but yellow was by far the longest. but the munchkin kept us entertained the whole time!

  2. I love the Color Me Rad races!! I ran it this past October and had a blast! That stinks that you had to wait in line for the color we didn’t have any lines at all for ours. I’ll be running it again in September and hope to have just as good an experience! Have you ever ran the Color Run? I wonder how it compares to that one.

  3. Nuts! I missed it this year. I’ll definitely have to take my own munchkin to do this next year, though. Looks like you guys had a blast!