Color Me Rad 5K August 2013 Recap

Hello! How is your weekend going?

Yesterday I completed my FOURTH color run in less than 12 months (3 Color Me Rad and 1 Color Run). You can check out some of my previous color race blog posts here:

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Attendance for this Color Me Rad seemed WAY down. I could be wrong, but I am not sure they had half of the people they did in April. I think three items contributed to this:

  • Color Me Rad has been to Knoxville in October 2012, April 2013, and August 2013. That is three times in twelve months. What other races do you run that many times in a year? NONE.
  • There was bad press about the amount of money that Color Me Rad donates to the local charities.
  • The prices continue to rise and rise and rise.

The four of us that walked did have a good time and I was very thankful that the rain/storms held off. Getting ready:

Color Me Rad August 2013 Knoxville

The best after picture I have (hubby is not into being my personal photographer and my friend L couldn’t make this race):

After Color Me Rad

Hopefully there will be one or two good ones from the course. And one of the things I like about Color Me Rad is their pictures are very affordable ($1.99 to $2.99).

Some pros and cons from the race.


  • Mother Nature was nice to us.
  • Fewer people meant fewer lines everywhere and a faster start for us.
  • They had a PINK hoodie in their store this time and I bought it.
  • It was a beautiful morning for a walk/run.
  • My legs felt good.


  • A different course route – AGAIN. Three times in twelve months and never the same course. This course had a lot of turns and wasn’t in the prettiest area of Knoxville.
  • While billed as a 5K, my Garmin didn’t even get to 2.9. If you are going to call yourself a 5K, make the distance a 5K, especially since many people thought they were running or walking their first 5K.
  • Price continually rising is an issue. At a point you will price yourself out of business.

Run or Dye is supposedly coming to Knoxville in November – yet ANOTHER color race. I plan to sit this one out. I am hoping to do a glow run (nighttime) race this year. I would also love to do a foam/mud run if possible.

After the race I did laundry to get all the color off our clothes, made a quick Target run, read some, and then watched it rain. Check out what our backyard looked like after only twenty minutes of rain:

Backyard Lake

It rained HARD for quite some time. The yard needs to be mowed, but at this point it might never dry. Today will be marking off items on my to-do list, laundry, and possibly a bike ride if the weather cooperates. However, more storms like yesterday are expected.

How is your weekend going? Share something good.

Enjoy your day!


7 Responses to “Color Me Rad 5K August 2013 Recap”

  1. I’m trying my first color run in October, Color Me Rad in Wilmington, NC. Hopefully they will have a good turnout since it starts at the local college, UNC-Wilmington. It does seem strange that they call these races a 5k and then the distance is shorter.

    • Glenneth

      Out of the 4 I have done, only one was the 3.1 distance. I think they feel people don’t care since it is a “fun” race, but I know a lot of people who consider them their first 5K. And it should be easy enough to measure off 3.1 miles.

  2. MHA (Missy)

    Hey, Glenneth!
    I haven’t done a color run, but I did do the Warrior Dash (obstacles & mud) twice in 2011. The first one I did was in GA, and a big group of friends went on the trip with their families, and we all had a great time! The second was in TN, and fewer of the friends were there, and we were less organized. Looking back, I should have skipped the 2nd one that year and done it again in 2012.
    Hope you have a great week!

  3. It does appear that you had a good time. Your pros outweighed your cons, and that is always good.
    Everyone having a rainy weekend – not much going on.


  4. Glenneth,
    Hey I wanted to follow up with you and your readers about the Flying Colors 5K in Maryville a couple weeks ago. It was a beautiful day, fantastic course, and all involved had tons of fun. I think we challenged ourselves to deliver a fun, colorful, unique event, and we passed…ahem…with Flying Colors. Check out our video here! Thanks for your support.

    And, don’t forget…if you are into mud and obstacles, we will host our 2nd annual Mudder’s Day Madness 5K at Camp Montvale on May 10, 2014 (yes, the day before Mother’s Day). Trails, mud, and obstacles at Montvale in Maryville.