Catching Up + Planning Ahead

Hello and Happy Monday! Let’s catch up! First off, be sure and check out Saturday’s Ultimate Coffee Date post. Catching up on a few things there PLUS showing off my new hair do. Let’s just say the bangs are back!

You will notice two new badges on the sidebar:


As I mentioned in Saturday’s post, I was asked to be an ambassador for my gym, National Fitness Center. That’s the #TeamNFC badge. The other badge is for competing the Train Dirty Fitness BeTruToYou Ambassador program. Very honored to be a part of both of these programs.

Saturday I walked in the Be Great Run 8K two-mile fun walk while hubby ran the 8K. I was oddly sore and exhausted all day after (which is abnormal for me). I chalk it up to the amount of liquor I had the previous evening and the fact that my antihistamines say they will leave you tired and fatigued. I walked about 20 minutes again last night and my legs felt like lead. Going to add strength training back to my schedule this week and see if it helps.

Be a Hero Walk

Have you heard of Ashley at Fierce Forward? She is amazing and she makes amazing armor (bracelets). I knew when I saw the black and pink buddha, that it would need to be mine. It came on Saturday!

Black & Pink Buddha

My plans for this week’s workouts are lots of walking and strength training Monday through Thursday. Friday will be a rest day. Saturday my plan is to drive to the new Train Dirty Fitness Studio that Crystal opened on March 1st. She outgrew her old studio and the grand opening for the new one is Saturday. That will be 3 hours of workouts plus 4 hours of driving. Sunday I have a St. Patrick’s Day 5K scheduled in the afternoon. Then next Monday will most likely be a rest day to recover from the weekend.

What excitement happened over the weekend? What’s on your schedule this week?



2 Responses to “Catching Up + Planning Ahead”

  1. I had an amazingly productive day yesterday which always feels good. This week I’m looking forward to a visit from my in-laws.