Bowling + Workouts

Hello and Happy Sunday! Let’s catch up.

Friday night was Bowling for Kids Sake to benefit Big Brothers, Big Sisters of East Tennessee. The three of us girls had a blast – as you can see evidenced in these pictures. From left to right – my friend M, me, and my friend A.

Diamonds in the Gutter
Diamonds in the Gutter
Diamonds in the Gutter

The first round was probably my best EVER. I hit TWO spares and TWO strikes (back to back even) and ended up in TRIPLE digits. It was enough for me to win the first round.

Bowl For Kids Sake

Sadly, I did not do as well in the second round (didn’t make it to triple digits), but still had a blast.

I decided Friday night not to set my clock and see if there was any chance of me sleeping in. I figured with the gym having 8AM, 9AM, and 10AM classes that I enjoy I could certainly make something. Well, sleeping in did not happen and I was up at 6AM. So I headed to the gym around 7:30. First up – 15 minute warmup on the treadmill.

Next up was my group circuit class. The main part of the workout consisted of 8 different exercises. We did them for 30 seconds on and then rested/went to the next station during the next 30 seconds. We repeated the entire circuit 3 times. We then went and did a lap around the track (everyone jogged/ran, I walked – I am sure you are shocked at that). I have been wanting to see the next level up of this class (called HIIT training) and since it started at 9, I asked the trainer if I could stay.

Not only did he let me stay, he insisted I do the first round with them. (I was really just planning on watching). Their workout consisted of 3 sets of 3 exercises. You stayed within your 3 and did 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. Once finished with all three, you moved to the next round. Actually, you had 75 seconds to “rest.” Except rest meant 15 squat jumps FIRST. I completed the first round of all three sets with the group, then exited. I knew my body would be sore and I was right.

I spent the rest of Saturday doing chores, errands, visiting my Mom to watch the Lady Vols advance to the SEC finals, and resting when I needed. Today is all about computer/office work that never got done yesterday.

Whether or not I work out will be the question. It seems I do better with two days on, one day off. I am contemplating trying that, but I love Sunday’s classes. So, we shall see.

What have you done this weekend? How do you know when you need a rest day or to scale back?

Have a healthy day!


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