Bowling, Walking, & Fit Body Blueprint

Good morning! Happy Wednesday! Two more days until surgery. Today is work and then BOWLING! My girlfriends and I are “Diamonds in the Gutter’ and we will be Bowling for Kids Sake (BFKS). BFKS supports Big Brothers, Big Sisters which is a fantastic charity. Here is our group photo from last year:

Bowl for Kids Sake

This year is Glow in the Dark bowling, so I will be wearing a TON of glow bracelets. We are heading to our favorite Mexican place beforehand for some margaritas, so bowling could be pretty fun. In case you are wondering, I am a terrible bowler. One year I don’t think I broke into DOUBLE digits. Yes, DOUBLE, not TRIPLE. But we have TONS of fun and we try to raise at least $500 total for our team and that’s what really counts.

My Walking Path

So, last night I went walking with my hubby and our friend J. After I finished and they were running a couple of laps, I started to think about what I will and will not miss about walking while I am recovering.

Will Miss:

  • Getting to talk to hubby and J while I walk or calling someone to chat on the phone
  • Getting outside and enjoying the fresh air
  • The exercise – I swear I feel my thighs shrinking when I walk
  • 5Ks! I love them. I already have 3 planned for the Fall.
  • Soaking in the sunshine

Will Not Miss:

  • The BUGS! They were eating me alive last night.
  • The HEAT! Once it gets over 85, exercising outdoors loses its appeal for me.
  • The PAIN! The reason I am having surgery in the first place.

Luckily where we walk/run has a cute little gazebo with a table and bench. I plan on going when hubby and J run and just enjoy being outside.

Strength Chick

Fit Body Blueprint for Women

I’m excited to share a fantastic new program created by my friend Sean Flanagan called the ‘Fit Body Blueprint for Women’ – a beginner’s guide to hormonally and metabolically sound exercise. The Fit Body Blueprint for Women program, is officially launching TODAY at a special launch price of $29.95. It will continue at this price through Sunday, April 21st.

“I created this program to address all of the misconceptions that surround women’s fitness and give you a blueprint (hence the name) for how you can take control of your health and body.” Sean Flanagan

Click here to view more details

I will state that I disagree strongly with him on one point. Sean says, “walking isn’t exercise, it’s an activity.” I think walking is a fantastic exercise. At one of my healthiest times ever, I was walking at least 30 minutes 5 times per week. I anticipate doing a LOT of walking once I recover from surgery. I completely see it as my MAIN form of exercise. As I said above, I can feel (and measure) my thighs shrink when I consistently walk.

Disclosure: This is an affiliate link and I do earn a little money if you purchase from this link. However, do know that I paid for a copy of this program myself.

What fun thing are you doing today? Do you bowl? What would you miss most if you couldn’t do your favorite exercise for a while?

Enjoy your day!


6 Responses to “Bowling, Walking, & Fit Body Blueprint”

  1. hi-
    nice blog…i just happened upon your site today. i love the concept of ‘blueprint for women’! anyway, i hate to be controversial, but i agree with sean. walking is not true exercise. its more like an activity exercise . i’ll put it one step above an activity, but real exercise it is not.
    i am many yrs experienced in the health & wellness/physical training world. studies cleary show that running and circuit training has far greater benefit than walking. experts are often quoted saying, “walking is an activity.” its like cheer. i was a cheerleader in high school and college…but i’m not ashamed to admit its not a true ‘sport.’ walking is in the same category.
    i wish you well!

    • furthermore…your thighs ‘shrink’ when you walk because the muscles are certainly working for you and therefore, stretch and ‘shrink’. so for that reason, there is some benefit–albeit a mild benefit. if you are walking to lose weight, improve health, etc…it will just take significantly longer and unfortunately, does not lead to much weigh loss. yes your legs will ‘feel’ smaller and might even measure that way…but in my experience the end result is nominal.
      i apologize if my previous post sounded negative–just sharing educated insight, from experience. 🙂

  2. Man, I don’t even remember the last time I went bowling… Uh maybe 3 years ago or longer… BUT that was when I played the bowling game on Wii! I was so good – AH HA HA! In real life, NOT SO MUCH.

  3. Tracey L.

    Just bought the Fit Body Blueprint for Women- looking forward to reading it!