Bootcamp Week 2 Recap / Week 3 Plan


Good morning, HAPPY MONDAY, and welcome to July! We are officially in the second half of 2013. Hope you had a great weekend. Do anything exciting or fun? Any races this weekend?

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Look who was in our backyard last night! And he actually had some friends. At one point we had two adult bunnies, one baby bunny, and a field mouse. I am now leaving my good camera downstairs by the door again – just in case.

Bunny in the Backyard

In case you missed my past few posts:

Beautiful Evening

The second week of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp was just as good as the first one!

  • Monday – Walked on Treadmill – 40 minutes, a little over 2 miles
  • Tuesday – Workout A (strength)
  • Wednesday – Rest Day
  • Thursday – Yoga & Hoops (75 minutes)
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – Workout B (strength) and hula hooping practice (cardio)
  • Sunday – 30 minutes of biking

Our bikes fit perfectly on the bike rack. It was a beautiful afternoon for a bike ride. And this time I remembered to put on sunscreen before we left. WOOHOO!!!

His and Hers Bikes

For the past two weeks my two personal goals have been:

  • Drink 48 oz water per day
  • Do a 10 minute FitnessGlo stretch video

I have been successful at both and really love stretching daily. I am going to change them slightly for the next two weeks:

  • Plank as long as possible
  • Do a 10 minute FitnessGlo stretch video

Since planking is one of my 13 for 2013 goals that I am not doing very well on, I have decided to make it a personal goal for bootcamp. I will plank as long as possible each day (probably after my 10 minute stretch video). This should help build the planking habit and work my core. I want to keep building the stretching routine into a habit so I am leaving that goal.

My tentative schedule for this week:

  • Monday – Cardio (walking)
  • Tuesday – Workout A (strength) and cardio (elliptical)
  • Wednesday – Cardio (walking)
  • Thursday – Rest / Pool Day
  • Friday – Workout B (strength) and cardio (elliptical)
  • Saturday – Mother/Daughter shopping day / Rest / Pool
  • Sunday – Cardio (Walking or Cycling)

With the holiday this week and the fact I am taking Friday off work, I may shuffle things around some. That’s one of the best things about Tina’s bootcamp – FLEXIBILITY!

Have you planned your workouts for the week? What two health goals would you list? Any big plans for the 4th?

Enjoy your day!


5 Responses to “Bootcamp Week 2 Recap / Week 3 Plan”

  1. back last night from FITBLOGGIN conference and focusing on refinding my HEALTHY LIVING ROUTINE TODAY and all week.

  2. I have been laying out my weekly workouts to help keep on track too. My two personal goals are to drink 10-12 servings of water, and like you, planking. It’s something I’ve been working on with my physical therapist and have enjoyed the progress.

  3. What a great week!

    I am goal-free this week. Doctor’s orders.

    Love the photo of the bunny! We never see those here.

    The 4th will be low-key, but our local fireworks are on the 5th, and we are expecting family in town, so we will take them to watch the show. I’m pretty excited.