Bootcamp Update Week 4

Good morning! First off, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite litte red monster – ELMO!

Happy Birthday Elmo!

After reading about VitaMelts on Tina’s blog, I had been looking for them. I finally found them at Target yesterday. I bought the Energy Vitamin B-12, Vitamin C for Immune Support, and Melatonin for Sleep. They all have a great flavor and melt in your mouth. The containers are small enough to fit in your purse or briefcase.


While I was waiting on Target to open, I took a few photos of the beautiful morning:

2013-02-02 07.53.59
2013-02-02 07.54.24
2013-02-02 07.54.12

Time to update you on my Best Body Bootcamp Round 4 week 4 progress. This was a pretty good week and included some morning workouts.

* Monday – 20 minutes elliptical (morning), core & more class, 45 squats, plank
* Tuesday – 20 minutes elliptical (morning), 48 squats, plank
* Wednesday – rest day (was supposed to go spinning but could hardly walk)
* Thursday – 20 minutes elliptical (morning), 51 squats, plank
* Friday – 54 squats, plank
* Saturday – 30 minute arm workout, 57 squats, plank
* Sunday – yoga (hopefully – currently it is SNOWING), if not yoga then elliptical

So far in the past 11 days I have done 435 squats. That’s an average of 40 per day. Trust me when I say I can feel it in my legs. My arms are super sore from their workout yesterday. I need to do this at least twice a week to be ready for sleeveless season. My longest plank to date is still 60 seconds. I might need to start doing these first thing when I am the strongest.

My personal goals were (1) drink 48 oz H2O and (2) do a plank and my squats. I successfully completed these five days this week. My personal goals for this next week are (1) continue with plank a day and my squat challenge and (2) log my food.

I worked out 3 times in the morning this past week. Considering Wednesday and Friday were my rest days, I consider this a success. I will keep this up this next week and try to push myself harder on the elliptical and add my plank and set of squats in during the morning as well.

What are your goals for the upcoming week? Do you watch the Super Bowl? Do you have a favorite team?

Enjoy your day! Happy Super Bowl Day!


5 Responses to “Bootcamp Update Week 4”

  1. The squat challenege can I ask where you got it or did you create it?

    • Glenneth

      The squat challenge is from a trainer that I know. He said start with 10 squats three times per day. Increase by 1 squat each day. 10 squats x 3, 11 squats x 3, and so on. And after a little less than a month you are doing almost 100 squats per day. We have taken two days off. Today will be 20 squats x 3 or 60 total squats.

    • Glenneth

      So sorry! I completely forgot to reply and let you know where I got mine (new Target at Northshore).