Bootcamp Update & Morning Exercise

Monday - Let's Do This

I’m BACK! We headed out of Knoxville at 10:30AM on Thursday and returned at 11:30AM yesterday. It was a fun-filled, chaotic four days. 16,000+ women all in the same place loving the same thing. Amazing. And more than a little crazy.

I have TONS of pictures to share with you at a later date. Sadly, I wish I had even MORE pictures to share. It seems my fabulous (and expensive) Samsung Galaxy Camera ATE some of my pictures. I am not doing much to my camera while I try to contact Samsung tech support and see if there is any way the pictures can be saved. I think they must be in there somewhere as the camera showed them creating thumbnails after each picture was taken. Sigh.

Time to update my best body bootcamp week. Can you believe we only have two more weeks left? Here were my workouts:

  • Monday – 10 minute stretch video
  • Tuesday – 30 minute walk (1.6 miles), 10 minutes stretch video
  • Wednesday – packing, packing, and getting ready to get out of town
  • Thursday – 10 minute stretch video
  • Friday – walked 5 miles, 10 minute stretch video
  • Saturday – walked 5 miles, 10 minute stretch video
  • Sunday – bounced and slid at the munchkin’s 4-year-old birthday party

My personal goals for last week and the next two weeks are:

  • Drink 48oz of water
  • Do a 10 minute FitnessGlo stretch video

I can tell the water and stretching are really helping and I want to end bootcamp on a high note.

My tentative schedule for this week:

  • Monday – Morning Workout (see below)
  • Tuesday – Walking
  • Wednesday – Morning Workout (see below)
  • Thursday – Walking
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – 5K
  • Sunday – Rest day

I detailed My Morning Exercise Plan here. I started today. I woke up right before 5AM and immediately fixed myself some water and 1/2 a peanut butter bagel (on those really thin bagels). I ate my bagel and drank water while doing computer work. At 5:30 I headed back downstairs and did a 10 minute arm video and my 10 minute stretching video. And the best part? I did ALL of them and never felt ILL. I was even sweating at the end. I am now upstairs cooling down and finishing my computer work before heading to the showers. Day one was certainly a success. I will probably continue with these workouts this week in the AM and then increase time and intensity next week.

On tap this week is my FIRST 5K since my second leg surgery. It is named Hotter n Hell, but I am hoping for some fairly mild temperatures. And then next week is Color Me Rad! Time to start walking regularly again!

How was your weekend? Share something good! What’s your workout schedule for the week?

Enjoy your day!


6 Responses to “Bootcamp Update & Morning Exercise”

  1. good is….school starts soon and yet my child is STILL LOVING SUMMER and outdoor play.

  2. MHA (Missy)

    So glad you had happy, safe travels!

    ALSO it is great news that your morning workout went well! I’m really impressed you walked 5 mi. each on Fri. & Sat.!

    Week workouts:
    Sun. Walked 1 mi. around my neighborhood. Just to get out of the house.
    Mon. Walked a bit with Dan at Safety City. That counts, right?
    Tues. Core & HIIT on elliptical
    Wed. Easy run on elliptical or chase Dan as he rides
    Thurs. Core & HIIT on elliptical
    Fri. Rest day, maybe short walk. Also appointment 3 PM.
    Sat. Might try to get a PR (unofficial) for 1 mi., then easy mile or 2.

    Better get moving. There is always plenty to do!!