Bootcamp Update & Fav Tweets

Good morning! First, a HUGE congrats to my hubby who completed his first official half marathon yesterday. He was under two hours, but we are waiting on the official time. Check out his medal:

Half Marathon Medal

While he was running, our friend J and I walked. Yesterday was 2 miles on my schedule. Thankfully my leg felt much better than Tuesday. WOOHOO!!! It was a beautiful morning to talk and walk! J and I have been friends for over 20 years (he introduced hubby and I), so we always have stuff to talk about.

Hats off to anyone who completes a half marathon or marathon. I sometimes don’t drive that many miles in a day.

Time to update you on my Best Body Bootcamp Round 4 week 5 progress. This was a pretty good week, but only included one morning workout.

* Monday – 60 squats, plank, and a 20 minute arm workout
* Tuesday – 63 squats, plank, and a 1.75 mile walk on the treadmill
* WednesdaySPINNING!!! No squats or plank.
* Thursday – 66 squats, plank, rest other than that (super sore from spinning)
* Friday – 69 squats, plank, rest other than that (still sore from spinning)
* Saturday – 72 squats, plank, 2 mile walk
* Sunday – will either be yoga or elliptical/arms, no squats or plank

That’s 330 squats this week. WHEW! I can definitely feel it in my legs. I am trying to keep a consistent pace and watch my form when doing these. My planks seem to be getting worse. I wasn’t even able to do a 60 second plank this week. Luckily I have the entire year to meet my 2:30 plank goal. Looks like I might need it.

My personal goals were (1) plank/squats and (2) log my food. I successfully completed these five days this week. My personal goals for this next week are (1) drink 48 oz water and (2) health coach studying at least 15 minutes. I have put off all my studying until today and I don’t want that to happen next week.

I only worked out one weekday morning. I just don’t like working out in the mornings for some reason. Conflicted on what to do about this.

Before I go, I haven’t shared any of my favorite tweets in a while.

What are your goals for the upcoming week? What’s your favorite race distance? Any big plans for Valentine’s Day? Tips for holding a longer plank?

Enjoy your day!


3 Responses to “Bootcamp Update & Fav Tweets”

    • Thanks Jill! Loving the squats – I can feel my legs becoming more powerful. Hubby is super proud of his race.