Bike Trainer in the Morning

According to the blog calendar I created for myself I should be talking about walking today. However, I don’t want to talk about walking. I want to talk about our new bike trainer and working out in the AM.

With fall comes cooler temps, more rainy days, and less daylight hours. In an effort to continue to get as much (if not more) physical activity in this fall and winter, we purchased a Kurt Kinetic indoor bike trainer. Hubby did the research and assured me this is a great model. Another plus is it is easy to move and works with both of our bikes.

Kurt Kinetic Bike Trainer
Kurt Kinetic Bike Trainer

My plan is to mainly walk and run on weeknight evenings, bike or walk/run on the weekends, and bike and strength train in the AM.

Now for the fun part – to convert myself to an AM exerciser. I am definitely a morning person. I never hit my snooze. I get out of bed right away and am pretty darn cheerful if I say so myself.

Working out is an ENTIRELY different subject. I have tried a couple of times and wound up getting nauseous each time. But, I am in better health now and I eat better, so I am hoping this time will be easier to get a morning routine going.

I set my alarm for 5:30 this morning but woke up at 5. Hopped out of bed around 5:15 and got dressed to bike. Wound up doing 20 minutes on the trainer today. Felt great. I have a mount on my bike for an iPhone, so I actually watched a video while biking. It is kind of nice not having to wear a helmet, not worrying about getting run over by cars or chased by dogs.

My next AM workout is planned for Friday. My thoughts are to get used to getting up and biking and then add the strength training in.

Do you workout in the morning? Any tips?

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  1. My Dad used to work out in the morning (he ran marathons for fun??????? well I think that was the word he used) but he used to have some sort of muesli bar that he used to have a few mouthfuls from as soon as he woke up…..he found he needed something in his stomach or he would feel sick working out (be it running or cycling) he would have those few mouthfuls then potter around for about 15 mins before starting his workoutak