Best Yoga Class Ever?

Since the yard sale Saturday was canceled due to rain, I took the opportunity to attend a yoga class at our gym that morning. I love the Saturday morning instructor (a gentleman named OJ) but rarely take his class due to 5Ks or taking the group circuit class that conflicts timing wise.

It was an interesting class in that we started and ended in corpse pose and never actually stood up. The entire class was done lying down and sitting up on the yoga mat. No standing poses, no down dog, no cat/cow poses. Definitely a first for me, but truly a great workout. We really worked our hips, concentrated on stretching, and breathing. It was also nice because most of the class was in a very dimly lit room with the ending corpse pose being in complete darkness. I really think it might be the best yoga class ever.

I did find out that OJ is now teaching a yoga class on Thursday afternoons. While I won’t be able to go this week, it will certainly be on next week’s schedule. Even just one yoga class per week makes a huge difference in how I feel.


I have found a new online yoga site I want to try – My Yoga Works. I read a review about it on Debbie’s site HERE. At $15 per month it is slightly cheaper than which I wasn’t a fan of. There is a 14 day free trial and I plan on taking advantage of it soon. My Yoga Works can be viewed from a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Want to learn more about yoga? Read a guest post called The Healing Power of Yoga. Want to check out some online yoga classes? Here is a link to a review for six of the most popular.

Do you practice yoga? Do you go to a yoga studio, a gym, or practice at home? If at home, do you use an online subscription or a DVD? Favorite yoga blog? Share all yoga related things!

Have a healthy day!


5 Responses to “Best Yoga Class Ever?”

  1. I try to take one class a week, wherever I can get it in. Mostly, it’s at the gym because it’s free for me, but I love our local studio. I haven’t tried an online service, but I’m curious to know more 🙂

  2. I SOOO MISS AUSTIN for that one reason.
    my classes.
    my hot vinyasa.

  3. I’ve been neglecting yoga, but I think I’m going to a class this weekend. I’m not sure I’d like an all mat class. I love down dog!

  4. Candice

    Oh that sounds heavenly!!! I love restorative yoga so much, and I hate down dog soooo much! LOL!

  5. I have been doing yoga for the past few months, regularly, and now at home with my husband. Love it. And I LOVE corpse pose.