Best Body Bootcamp Week 4 Update

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! Can you believe it is April already? We are into the 2nd quarter of the year. Look for a 2012 goal update sometime this week. Today we are talking bootcamp. Week 4 of Tina‘s Best Body Bootcamp is in the books. We are officially halfway through.

Just to remind everyone: I am not following the “official” bootcamp workouts because I am one of Tina’s online personal training customers. This happens to be Week 4 of my month 4 with Tina. Seriously, she rocks!

Wish I could say I had an awesome week and rocked all my workouts. Well, I could say that, but it would be a complete lie. I managed to get in 1 workout the entire week. I managed to log my food 3 days during the week. I managed to study for my FNS certificate 3 days during the week.

I had (or thought I had) so much going on, that my workouts kept getting pushed back. I wound up stressing myself out over everything, that I made myself physically ill. I did finally give myself permission to relax and get my other todos done. While I should have made the time to exercise, giving myself permission to take some time off did take some of the stress off of me.

This week is different. My workouts will occur in the morning – before I go to work. It is hard to get up at 5AM and go straight to my workout room, but I am getting it done. I am thankful I have everything I need here at home. If I had to get up and go to the gym alone at this hour, I am not sure I would do it.

My two health related goals this week are (1) log my food on MyFitnessPal (this is so important when trying to lose weight) and (2) write a positive thought each day.

Today’s positive thought: I am getting stronger.

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Please share: When do you workout? Do you workout at home or in the gym? What do you do when you get derailed from your schedule?

Have a great Tuesday!

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