Best Body Bootcamp Week 4 Update!

Time for a quick update on Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp! I cannot believe we are halfway through. I haven’t looked at next week’s workouts yet, will do that later today. I am sure Tina has some fun torture in place for us.

Let’s talk about my workouts for the week for Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp! I strayed from the “planned” workouts, but that’s the best part about bootcamp is being able to make it your own. I need to concentrate more on walking and getting my calves to not hurt. I have a TON of 5Ks coming up this Fall and want to be prepared for them.

Monday – my legs were super sore from the weekend, so I went to Planet Fitness and did every arm machine they had. I did three sets each and increased my weight each time. My arms were jelly when I left.
Tuesday – walking
Wednesday – day of rest
Thursday – walking
Friday – day of rest
Saturday – triple threat cardio (10 minutes each treadmill, elliptical, arc trainer)
Sunday (today) – biking and some strength training

This week for my two personal goals are going to be:

* 10 minutes stretching every day. I am not as flexible as I used to be and I found some great stretches to try.
* Plank a day. I want to keep building up my time.

What’s on your workout schedule for the week?

Tina will be having sign-ups for Round 3 of BBBC as soon as our round ends. I will keep you posted in case you want to sign up.

3 Responses to “Best Body Bootcamp Week 4 Update!”

  1. I stray from them sometimes too. So excited for Bootcamp #3!

    The triple thread sounds cool. Might try that sometime except instead of an arc trainer use my rebounder.

    As for me this week, I have jury duty so who knows when or if I’ll get in workouts. I’m wearing sneakers though to walk if I get the chance while I’m there waiting.