Best Body Bootcamp Week 2 Update

Good morning! Well, week 2 of Tina‘s Best Body Bootcamp is in the books. Again, I am not following the “official” bootcamp workouts because I am one of Tina’s online personal training customers. Its a little weird not following the “official” workouts because that’s what everyone else is talking about on the support group.

However, my workouts are truly customized for me. How so? Last month I bought a medicine ball and a 9″ stability ball. I had told Tina that I wanted to work them in for this month. Voila! I have exercises using both. I also told Tina I wanted to hit the arm workouts HARD. I definitely want some toned arms for summer. Tina designed me a kick butt arms workout. I did it last night and they were on FIRE when I finished.

I HIGHLY recommend online personal training with Tina, especially if you are a current bootcamp participant. Tina rocks! It is great having a qualified personal trainer design your workouts, but having the flexibility to do them on your schedule. Her prices are so reasonable. Did you know you can get 24 weeks (6 months) for $190? That is less than $8.00 per week. Seriously, you cannot get personal training for that price anywhere.

Looking to get your arms and abs toned for the summer? I found this workout for you:

Source: via Keri on Pinterest

What’s your favorite arm and/or ab exercise?

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. I think I’m going to purchase some online training with Tina once bootcamp is over. I love the idea of being able to still have a trainer accessible that works so closely with your needs and schedule!

    I’m a fan of exercises that combine multiple body parts, so working shoulders and abs and arms together in plank moves are great!