Best Body Bootcamp Week 1 Recap

Week 1 of Best Body Bootcamp is in the books! Again, I am following a different workout program because I am one of Tina’s clients and I have personalized plans. Here is a recap of how the week went:

Workouts: My workouts rocked. I got in some elliptical, some walking, and my circuits. Sunday was a bit of a disaster because I had eaten so little and should have eaten a snack before working out. It is very important to fuel properly. I have learned that lesson. Yesterday I started a whole new plan because I am in month 4 with Tina. I did a total body circuit and 20 minutes of HIIT. Let me tell you, every muscle was feeling it after I finished. On today’s agenda? 40-60 minutes of cardio. I hope to take this outside and walk. This afternoon/evening is supposed to be gorgeous!

Goal 1 – Log Food: My first personal goal was to log my food. I logged all 7 days. I will keep this as my goal for all 8 weeks. I need to log my food to keep a close eye on how much I am eating. I log my food and exercise in MyFitnessPal. I have tried many different ways to track my food and this is by far my favorite. They have an extensive database. I can also log from my computer, my iPhone, or my iPad. If I am using my iPhone and the product has a barcode, I can scan it. Very simple.

Goal 2 – Stretch 10 minutes per day: Failed miserably at this one. Have changed this goal to study 15 minutes per day for my Fitness Nutrition Specialist certificate.

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One of the best parts about bootcamp is all of the support that is happening in our Facebook group. We have 274 members. Everyone is super friendly, helpful, and supportive. It is great to be able to ask questions and get lots of answers. Tina really has something great going on here. We also use the #bestbodybootcamp hashtag on Twitter. Truly a supportive bunch!

Just rememeber:

Happy Tuesday! Make today awesome!

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