Best Body Bootcamp Starts TODAY!!!

Good morning and HAPPY MONDAY! Hope you had a great weekend. In case you missed my past few posts:

I saw this on a friend’s Pinterest board and wanted to share. These are great tips for getting back on track which is essentially what I am doing starting TODAY.

Getting Back on Track

Today starts 8 weeks of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. I am excited and ready to get started! I believe you can still signup today (maybe this whole week). Just head over to Tina’s site and check it out.

Best Body Online Personal Training

Every two weeks we pick two personal health related goals that we want to focus on. The goal is to meet them at least five days during the week. For the next two weeks, mine are:

  • Drink 48 oz water per day – so important to stay hydrated – especially during this summer heat
  • Do a 10 minute FitnessGlo stretch video

If you are curious what FitnessGlo is – it is an online workout subscription and I won 3 FREE months from another blogger about 1-2 weeks ago. Since I have not been great about using this service, I am making it one of my goals. And since stretching is something most of us forget/skip, this will be perfect. If you are curious about FitnessGlo, there is a free 15 day trial to new users and the monthly subscription is $12.

As I mentioned before, I am doing the beginner’s option for bootcamp. This is the first time Tina has offered a beginner’s option. We have two strength days and five days that include cardio. One of my long cardio days will be my Yoga & Hoops class. The workouts are such that you can do them at home or at a gym. I will probably do one strength session at home and one at Planet Fitness. Cardio will most likely be walking for me as I am looking to build up my mileage before the 5Ks start up for me in August. Here is my tentative schedule for the week:

  • Monday – Strength and Cardio (Walking or Elliptical) at home
  • Tuesday – Cardio (Walking)
  • Wednesday – Rest Day
  • Thursday – Yoga & Hoops
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – Strength and Cardio (Treadmill or Arc Trainer) at Planet Fitness
  • Sunday – Cardio (Walking or Cycling)

My overall 8 week goals are:

  • Lose 5 pounds
  • Lose some inches, but I have no idea how many is realistic
  • Get stronger
  • Be ready to walk 5Ks easily in under an hour
  • Get back into the exercise routine/habit

Just like Emily did in her weight loss rewards post, I intend to set a reward for the end of a successful bootcamp. I am thinking a new swimsuit since I leave a few weeks after that for the beach.

Have you planned your workouts for the week? Do you use FitnessGlo or a similar service? What two health goals would you list? What would you choose for your reward?

Enjoy your day!


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