Beginner’s Arm Workout

One of the things I know I need to start doing is strength training. The cardio is great, but I need some muscles. Yesterday was dedicated to arms. I figure if I start now, I will have awesomely toned arms by spring.

Before Picture of My Arms
Before Picture of My Arms

I modified an arm workout that I found here on Julie’s Peanut Butter Fingers site. If you read her blog regularly, you will see she strength trains multiple times per week. Since I am just starting, I made a “beginner’s workout.” This is what I did:

Front Shoulder Raises
Triceps Extension (laying on floor)

Chest Press (on stability ball)
Upright Row

Bicep Curls
Single Arm Triceps Extension (sitting on stability ball)

Bicep Curls
Hammer Curls

I did the exercises as pairs (or supersets). I did 15 reps each and did two sets back to back. I used 5 pound dumbbells for everything. The bottom set (bicep curls and hammer curls) I didn’t count, but did til fatigue. I would do bicep curls and when I felt I couldn’t do anymore, I switched to hammer curls. Back and forth until I couldn’t do any more of either.

I didn’t have to go to the gym or need any special equipment. Just the 5 pound dumbbells and I also used a stability ball for some of the exercises.

I figure I can gradually add more exercises, more reps, and more weight as I progress. Next I have to make out a beginning leg workout.

What are your favorite arm exercises?

Happy Thursday!

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