Be Great Run 8K & 2 Mile Walk/Run

Spring is almost here and that means lots and lots of races (mainly 5Ks) for hubby and myself. It also means race recaps will follow.

Yesterday’s race was Be Great Run 8K and 2 Mile Walk/Run. Hubby signed up for the 8K and our friend J and I walked the 2 miler.

Shades on and Ready to Walk!
Shades on and Ready to Walk!

As you probably know by now, I have strong opinions about races (both positive and negative). In fact, I wrote a post a while back called Helpful Tips for Race Directors. Let’s break down yesterday’s race.


* This race benefits a fabulous cause – Boys & Girls Clubs of Tennessee Valley. Love doing charity races.
* Price of race was $25 early and $30 late, so inline with other charity races.
* Great signage at the registration tables (although there is a con to this one below).
* The volunteer who checked me in was very informative and told me that the 2 mile was starting at 9:10 (the 8K started at 9:00) and where the 2 mile was starting from.
* They go all out with refreshments and they smelled yummy. We only took some water, but trust me, there was some excellent food waiting on those who wanted it.
* We didn’t stay for awards, but the awards on display were beautiful! Seriously.
* Loved the tshirt design and the tshirt – long, sleeve grey. It is not very flattering on me (but that’s not their fault). 🙂


* I went to the sign labeled “Pre-Registered 2 mile Walk.” I said I was pre-registered and my name. The volunteer gave me a registration form. I said, that I had completed and mailed mine in. She then told me I was in the wrong line and pointed me to a guy with no sign over his head.
* The guy who was handling pre-registration asked me my t-shirt size, but never my name. He didn’t seem to have a list he was checking. That seems slightly problematic to me in a financial way.
* This was an out and back course. Hubby finished in the top 1/3 of the participants. He said they had already removed the mile marker signs by the time he came back through. So, more than 100 people were behind him. The mile marker signs should have been left until every runner was through (in my opinion).
* At the start of the 8K, there seemed to be confusion as to whether the 2 mile walk/run was starting at the gun or separately. It irks me for races to have a separate event and then neglect it. After the racers started, I asked the race director about his directions and the 2 miler. He honestly seemed to be unable to my question. Then he finally said – Everyone go ahead and start. I believe there should be a clear starting line and time for these events. We don’t need a gun start, but maybe get everyone together and yell GO!

I happen to love this from their website:

Course Safety and Etiquette
Due to insurance regulations and for the safety of all participants, no pets, strollers, roller blades, or bicycles are permitted on the 8K course. Earphone use is discouraged. Strollers and leashed pets are allowed on the 2 Mile Walk/Run course only.

I am not sure why they put this (maybe legal reasons). The 8K and 2 mile walk/run were ON THE SAME COURSE which also happens to be a public greenway that is not closed off to other traffic during the race. There were plenty of pets, strollers, and bicycles on the course regardless.

I would like to say to all walkers – STAY TO THE RIGHT! Be mindful of the runners and get out of their way. They are racing for a time, we are participating for fun/our health. Seriously walkers. Learn the proper etiquette. Don’t walk 4 across taking up the entire path. You never know when a runner or cyclist might come sailing through.

Here are a few pictures:

On Your Mark
On Your Mark
Get Set
Get Set
I was cheering for the guy in the red shirt!
I was cheering for the guy in the red shirt!

J and I had a great walk. We finished our 2 miles in 34:19. This is actually my least favorite greenway to walk because of the hills, but I do it because it is good for me. It was a great day for a walk. A little chilly, but the sun was out!

Next up: Catch the Leprechaun 5K on St. Patrick’s Day!

4 Responses to “Be Great Run 8K & 2 Mile Walk/Run”

  1. I think this is a great list! I’ve only participated in a couple races, but I agree on your points. You would think these things would be better organized. Great time though on your walk! Looks like you had good weather too!

    • Glenneth

      Some races are extremely well organized, others not so much. Can’t complain too much – the money went to charity and I had a great time!

  2. Great recap! You should send this to them.

    Glad to hear you had a nice walk with your friend and hubby did so good in his race.