Active & Healthy Using Everyday Items

At-Home Fitness: 4 Ways to Stay Active & Healthy Using Everyday Items

Maybe you’re limited by a tight budget or an unforgiving schedule, and working out at a gym is just too costly or inconvenient. If you feel like a slave to your wallet or responsibilities, you can still build muscle and burn calories with objects you have lying around the house. With these ideas, you can exercise while the little one’s napping, during commercial breaks or as dinner cooks.

Staying Healthy Using Everyday Items

Props for Squats

Squats help you sculpt a tight and toned derriere, but more importantly, they help build a strong foundation for the body. Squats mimic natural movement patterns for daily living, explains Nerd Fitness. You’ll build stamina for everyday tasks, from picking up your kids to working in the yard. It’s a functional exercise that provides balance, helps prevent injury, strengthens the core and increases efficiency for daily activity.

All you need is some space. You don’t have to squat a 150-pound barbell, but adding weight does help build more muscle mass and burn fat. New moms, you’re in luck. Pick up your toddler to add 20 to 40 lbs. You can even turn it into a fun game by holding your babe out in front of you or on your shoulders as you bounce up and down;just keep your body tight and send your hips backwards. If an infant isn’t easily within reach, grab the dog (as long as he wants to be a part of the fun, of course) or a sack of flour.

Weighted Walking Lunges

For the lower body, lunges are the strength-training sister of squats. Lunging from here to there builds strength in the legs and core, shapes the bottom and increases hip flexibility. They serve as resistance training and prepare your body for movement while strengthening the ligaments and muscles surrounding the joints. Lunge for what? Lunge for good health. Lunge for skinny jeans. Lunge for world peace.

For a greater challenge, add weight to your lunges. In place of dumbbells, fill up a couple buckets with water and carry them as you perform this exercise.

Beach Ball-Supported Posture

Good posture maintains proper spinal alignment and helps prevent strains. When you practice good posture, the bones, muscles and ligaments are properly stacked and can function more smoothly. It helps you breathe, engages the abs and creates a look of confidence.

If you sit for long periods of time, use a beach ball and chair to help align your body. Laser Spine Institute, a leading minimally invasive spine surgery center, offers a variety of spine exercises and suggests this one to relieve back stress: Sit with a slightly inflated beach ball between your body and the back of a chair. The support of the beach ball lifts the chest and promotes proper spinal alignment while you sit.

Broomstick Mobility

Mobility is a movement-based and full-body approach to fitness that targets movement limitations and performance, according to With some daily mobility exercises, you can prevent orthopedic injuries and optimize how your body moves and performs.

A four-inch PVC pipe is one basic piece of mobility gear that can be used to open up the hips, stretch muscles, release tightness and improve shoulder stability. In place of a PVC pipe, use a plastic broomstick and remove the broom. Strengthen the core and increase flexibility with 10 reps of good mornings: Place the broomstick on the rear of your shoulders with a tight back, shoulder blades pinched together and knees slightly bent. With an arched back, bend at the hips into a parallel position. Extend the hips to reverse the motion and return to your starting position. Passovers, around-the-worlds and overhead squats using your broomstick can also warm up and loosen the body.

What household items do you use to stay active and healthy?

Have a healthy day!


5 Responses to “Active & Healthy Using Everyday Items”

  1. I teach my clients to use laundry detergent as a weight for things like single leg romanian deadlifts and their couch for dips.

  2. Another great thing to do is “wall sits.” (using a wall and posing in a chair position with your back against the wall) These are great for improving your muscle strength in your legs!

  3. I’ve used the beach ball sitting technique before. It works very well, but it doesn’t do well when I’m with my toddler. She always wants to play with it! lol
    I agree with Pam. Wall sits are great and compliment me specifically as a runner.
    Good post!

  4. I usually do bodyweight workouts when I workout at home, lots of squats, lunges, pushups and burpees. I have yet to try using a broomstick in my at home workouts but it’s on my list now!
    Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ˜€