Autumnfest 5K , Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Hello and Happy Saturday! Let’s catch up!!!

Thanksgiving morning, hubby and I continued our tradition of participating in a local 5K, the Autumnfest 5K. This was also my 12th (and FINAL) 5K of the year. WOOHOO!!! Was beginning to wonder if I was going to meet that goal. It was a chilly but sunny morning. My toes and finger tips (I was wearing fingerless gloves) were the coldest part of me.


I wound up walking a bit faster than I planned/expected. I was feeling really good – especially the first two miles. Luckily the race was fairly flat – for Knoxville. Unfortunately I have been paying for it ever since with a ton of heel pain. Ice, stretching, and heat have been my friends.


For the first time ever, we went out to eat with our families instead of staying in and cooking. We went to one of our favorite local restaurants, Calhouns, who makes an incredible smoked turkey dinner. They had so many people there that they ran out of glassware and we had to drink out of plastic cups!


Check out this plate of food – turkey, gravy, dressing, mashed potatoes, spinach maria! It comes with peas and cranberry sauce, but I substituted the spinach maria. Plenty of food!


After lunch we headed back to my Mom’s house for her fabulous sin pie and chocolate cake. The sin pie was AMAZING! Click the link if you want the recipe.


Thursday evening hubby and I napped until time to head out and watch one of our favorite musicians, Tall Paul, play.

Friday morning Mom and I got up and headed out around 6:15 to shop. Guess everyone shopped on Thursday evening or late during the night because it wasn’t that crowded at all. Bought some gifts, some clothes for the GYPO Winter Challenge, and something I hadn’t planned on buying – NEW SHOES!


Slightly funny story, Mom and I stopped so I could put gas in my car as we were finishing stopping. Got out of the car, stepped to gas pump, and stepped in something sticky. Not gum. Stickier. Actually ripped the tread off the shoes I was wearing (which were my Brooks Glycerins). So, Friday night hubby and I headed to Dick’s so I could try on and buy some new shoes. Those are the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16s. They were recommended by the foot specialist I saw last month (although she liked the Glycerins as well).

Today and tomorrow will be some cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, resting, computer stuff and more. I haven’t tried on any of the stuff I bought yesterday, I need to hang up the wreath I bought, and find a place to store Christmas presents. The list seems never-ending.

How was your Thanksgiving? What do you have planned for the weekend?



3 Responses to “Autumnfest 5K , Thanksgiving & Black Friday”

  1. It’s been a fun weekend with family. One more dinner with another family group today. I love Thanksgiving weekend.

  2. No black Friday shopping for me! Low key run with friends Thanksgiving morning and a local 5K/10K on Friday. I helped out at the event. Did my running beforehand. Been a rainy weekend thus far!