At Home Circuit Workout

And we have SNOW! A good 3 to 5 inches of the white stuff is on the ground. As soon as it gets daylight I am going outside to take some pictures. For now, just trust me. And it means I will be working from home again today.

Working from home is not a bad thing since I am super sore from Tuesday’s workout. I am moving rather slowly. This is what I did on Tuesday at the gym:

  • 15 minutes of treadmill walking
  • 15 minutes of rock climbing (LOVED IT!)
  • 15 minutes of treadmill walking
  • 60 minutes of group circuit class

I thought I would try to remember everything we did in class on Tuesday to create an at home workout that I can do today. Here it is:

At Home Circuit Workout

Dumbbell chest press on floor
Two leg floor bridge

Single-leg kettle bell deadlift (right leg)
Single-leg kettle bell deadlift (left leg)

Plank (full or on elbows)
Run in place

Hops (make a W or an M with your feet)
Two-handed kettlebell swing targets

Alternating arm kettlebell rows while in a squat position
Squats or Squat jumps

Do the exercises in pairs shown above. 20 seconds on, 20 seconds rest, alternating exercises. Repeat each group 4 times before moving to the next set. Between each set rest 60-90 seconds. This wasn’t the exact workout we did Tuesday. I changed this up some to fit more of an “at home” workout and more closely follow what I did.

I found a Tabata HIIT Timer for my Android (FREE) that will make the timing part a breeze (looks like there is also one in the iTunes App Store).

After working out for close to 2 hours on Tuesday, I don’t even feel guilty for taking a rest day yesterday. Also, I was battling a blinding headache and working out when you are having trouble keeping your eyes open and focused is not recommended. I am looking forward to completing this workout today at home since there is very little chance I will make it to the gym for a group fitness class.

What workouts do you do on snow days? Do you have snow in your area?

Have a healthy day!


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