An Update on My Foot – Plantar Fasciitis

Today on “Walking Wednesday,” an update on my foot.

An Update On My Foot

So Monday I saw a new doctor. She is a foot surgery specialist. I was convinced she would just want to cut out the cyst on my foot and we would be good to go. Not so much.

So, apparently the cyst is not actually in my heel and isn’t what is causing my pain. Where is the pain coming from? Plantar Fasciitis. Again or still, it doesn’t look like this condition has healed. In fact, she says it could take 1-2 YEARS for it to heal. Oh joy. This is actually something that she suffers with (and I know many, many runners who have had this at one point or another).

These are the things she told me to do/not do:

Never ever go barefoot. I should always be wearing shoes. Even in the house. This one will be hard for me. I always run around the house barefoot. She recommended FitFlop brand shoes and she loved my Brooks Running shoes. So, from now on, I have to be uber careful about all the shoes, boots, slippers, etc. that I buy. I showed her the ProFoot inserts I had already bought for my shoes and they were doctor approved as well. I have ordered 2 more pair of those.

Stretch. Stretch 3-4 times per day. Stretch while I am in line at stores. Stretch before I ever get out of bed or out of a chair. Stretch, stretch, and more stretch. I have to admit I stopped doing this because it didn’t seem to be working. Now I will insert it back into my routine. Remembering to stretch before getting out of bed is the hardest. The minute the alarm goes off, I jump out of bed. Now I need to lay there and stretch my foot out first.

Night splint/sock. She told me to stop wearing the boot I had been wearing, and to wear a night splint or sock during the night. She said the sock is preferable, so one is on order from Amazon. The goal is to hold the plantar fascia in a lengthened position over night. This arrives today so tonight will be my first time wearing it. She said this should make the most difference and help my recovery time.

Strassburg Sock

NSAIDs. We are leaving these out of the equation because they aggravate my hives. Personally I have found a couple of oils that I will be using.

Therapy. Leaving this one out because after 5 weeks the pain was not any better in the heel.

Steroid shots. Skipping these since the one I had only lasted 3 weeks.

Unlike the other doctors who told me to STOP exercising, she says I need to resume immediately but slowly. She recommends not walking on any hills or inclines (hard to do in my area). She recommends walking SLOWLY. She says I need to make sure to stretch really good after exercise and even ice my foot (where other doctors told me not to ice). So, looks like my 12th 5K isn’t in jeopardy after all – it will just be a REALLY slow one. Luckily the course is fairly flat.

Not really the outcome I expected or wanted, but I am definitely willing to keep trying. I just want the pain gone. I want to be able to walk fast wherever I want. I want to continue improving my speed. But at least I can exercise again!

Cheers! Happy walking or running!


6 Responses to “An Update on My Foot – Plantar Fasciitis”

  1. Sorry this is not what you expected. It took me almost a year to recover from PF. I did everything you listed that she told you to do. I was already wearing shoes in the house, but my doctor recommended Crocs, so that’s what I wear now. I have a night splint, and I do think it helped a lot. I’ve never seen the sock. I had one cortisone shot, and it only helped for a few days.

    I hope you start to see results soon!

    • Thanks Tammy! She says 1-2 years is normal. Ouch! I will just follow her instructions and do what I can.

  2. I have two good friends struggling with this right now. Both of them purchased the sock and have shared it’s been a game changer for them with regards to pain.

    • This makes me really happy to hear this. Thanks for sharing. The doctor did say she thought it would be the most beneficial to my healing process. It arrives today and I will be wearing that sucker tonight.

  3. If I may add, I suffered (with a capital S) with plantar fasciitis for a very long time. If I can also add to make sure your shoes (all of them) have good arch support. Even if you have to buy inserts to move from shoe to show (that’s what I did) this will help tremendously! I did take a couple of years for mine to go away but now it seems to be gone. And I very occasionally wear super cute shoes with no support now! I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Boo, hon. I’ve had my share of bouts with PF, and it’s just a jerk. It looks like you’re on the fast path to recovering from it! Happy, quick healing thoughts on their way!:)