Adding Yoga Accessories to My Stash

Good morning! Yesterday was a good day for having to work on a holiday. Work wasn’t too stressful, after work hubby and I went to shoot, then to dinner, then home to watch some TV. The weather was absolutely beautiful. This entire week is supposed to be beautiful and unusually warm.

Yoga Mat and Socks

As you can probably tell from my weekly workout roundups, I have been trying to add more yoga to my life. However, yoga at the gym is quite hard on my knees – even using two of their mats. So, for my birthday I asked for a super thick yoga mat and some non slip socks (because the room is quite cold).

Here is the yoga mat:

Super Thick Yoga Mat

It is 1/2″ thick. That’s right – 1/2″ inch. There will be no need to double up with that one. I tried it out at the house and my knees felt so comfortable. It comes with its own carrying strap because trust me when I say it is not going to fit in any standard yoga bags.

The yoga socks are by Gaiam. They are non slip and feel great. Although I have never worn socks with toes before. Kind of weird feeling.

Non Slip Yoga Socks

What are your must have yoga accessories? Share in the comments below!



6 Responses to “Adding Yoga Accessories to My Stash”

  1. For Christmas I got tons of yoga stuff- a new Manduka mat which I LOVE (it’s 3/16 thick though, so don’t know that it would work for you); a yoga strap which is great because it allows for some deeper stretching. I also love my yoga blocks because they help me with restorative poses and getting into poses that are harder for me than usual. Those socks look funky! I’ve never tried toe socks either I think it would be weird at first but I’m sure you get used to it.

  2. Those yoga socks are so cute! :] I just got a yoga mat, so I’m looking forward to attempting to incorporate yoga into my life! 😀