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My name is Glenneth and I am Southern girl who loves good food, good friends, and the color pink.  Welcome to Your Path To Fit. Originally named Let’s Talk and Walk, I started blogging for fun when I began working for an internet marketing company and walking 5Ks. I rebranded as Your Path to Fit after becoming a certified holistic health coach and certified personal trainer.

Glenneth Reed | Your Path To Fit

I help women who are ready to take charge of their health, learn to love their body first and then find what health and fitness means to them.  I am a body positive health and fitness coach who believes in HAES (Health at Every Size). I don’t believe there is a single path to being fit and healthy. I think it is different for everyone. Healthy is a lifestyle and a mindset.

My motto is: “I do believe in working out.  I do believe in sweat.  I don’t believe in never having a cupcake.  And finally, I don’t believe in burpees.”

My favorite form of exercise is walking and I love to walk 5Ks. I have walked over 150 of them in the past 5 years.  Thankfully Knoxville has a fabulous running community that is super supportive of walkers.  Walking is often overlooked and underrated as a form of exercise, but I think it is the perfect place to start. That’s why I created my Walk Your Way to a 5K Program and Ebook.

I love gadgets – phones, tablets, smart watches, cameras, etc.  If it is new technology, I want to try it.  I love the UT Volunteers and everything orange. I love spending time with family & friends. I am a HUGE cosmetics & office supplies addict.

During the day I am a Project Manager/AdWords Specialist for a local internet marketing company, Firstview Online.  I am working to use this knowledge to help bloggers and fitness professionals gain visibility on the web.  My co-worker and I created an ebook – 10 Essential SEO Tips for Bloggers.

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