A Little of My Weekend

Today is 9/11. I hope everyone is taking a moment to remember the victims and heroes of the tragedy. I spent most of the morning watching the coverage of the memorials on NBC. Finally had to turn it off and move on to my to-do list.

Never Forget!
Never Forget!

Thought I would share a little of what I have done this weekend.

Friday night was dinner with friends and this little munchkin. Always a fun time!

My Favorite Munchkin!
My Favorite Munchkin!

Saturday we decided to bike Cades Cove again. Apparently they only close the loop to bikers through the end of the month and this weekend is our last chance due to races on the next few Saturdays. We did NOT stop to take any pictures this time. I must get up there (on foot or in a car) soon so I can get the pictures I want.

Check out my post from last week here. We biked one week later and went an hour early than the previous week. We did NOT check the weather. HUGE mistake. It was 48 degrees when we started. And I was in my padded shorts, sleeveless top, and biking gloves. The first five minutes in I lost feeling in my hands. The hairs on my arm were standing straight up and had frost on them. It is hard to shift gears when you cannot feel your thumbs. OOPS!

Other than the cold, we had a great time. Less people this weekend (due to not being a holiday weekend and being earlier) so less chance of running into someone (or having them run into us). Lots of runners out doing the trail this weekend. I found the runners were actually more social with us than other bikers.

Last night we had sushi at my favorite place, Stir Fry Cafe! Love their sushi and some of their rolls are 1/2 price on Saturdays! The VOLS won big! GO BIG ORANGE!

Today will mostly be chores, relaxing, and prepping for the week.

What ave you done this weekend?

Please take a minute to pray for Ashley from Healthy Ashley. She was in a terrible bike accident yesterday and was having surgery this morning. You can check out her blog for details of the wreck.

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