A Lifestyle, Not a Fad or a Trend . . .

Good morning! What a great weekend! Beautiful weather, hubby’s half marathon results, my productivity! Definitely a good weekend on the books. Remember those Oakley sunglasses I won? Here’s a picture from Saturday!

Glenneth Oakley Sunglasses

It is going to be a crazy kind of week. My regular job, 3 calls related to my health coaching business, Valentine’s/our wedding anniversary, friends over for trivia, and a big trail race for hubby. I also need to clean the house and hit the grocery store at some point. My health concentration this week is to make healthier choices, drink TONS of water, and fit in activity where I can.

One of our classes this week was a lecture on Food Energetics by Steve Gagne. From Mr. Gagne, “Food is more than simply fuel. It imparts a living wisdom that is beyond the science and mechanics of calories, grams, and nutrient values. Ancient peoples, through their relationships with the plants and animals providing their food, understood that their food conveyed the unique energetic qualities of its source, such as swiftness from wild deer and groundedness from root vegetables.” It was one of the most interesting lectures I have heard to date and really makes you think. It delves deep into the “you are what you eat” saying. I am excited to learn more about this subject. I challenge everything to really THINK about their food before eating it. Where did it come from? What qualities does it have?

I saw this on Pinterest over the weekend and loved it. I knew I had to share it with you.

Being healthy and fit IS a lifestyle. That means we will all have good times and bad. Some weeks will be better than others. It is a daily choice. Think about the 80/20 rule again. Can’t fit an hour workout class into your schedule? Do small things throughout the day – squats, walk around the building, find reasons to go up and down stairs. Are you like me and eat when you get bored or are putting off doing something? Drink water and then chew some gum. Or grab a clementine – at 35 calories each they make great snacks and might satisfy your sweet tooth.

I do know that in my health coaching practice that foods will not be off-limits or forbidden to my clients. I truly believe everything in moderation. Now foods that one is allergic to or that makes one ill, those should probably not be eaten. Basically we all need to eat more fruits and vegetables and reduce the amount of sugar and “junk” we eat. Then we need to concentrate on our “primary food.” These are the primary food areas:

Any big plans this week? Have you heard of Food Energetics? What are your goals this week?

Enjoy your day!


10 Responses to “A Lifestyle, Not a Fad or a Trend . . .”

  1. AMEN
    when it FINALLY Clicked and became a lifestyle for me I never looked back.

  2. Very true, I hate when people go in and out of healthy living and then complain abut the tough part. Even worse is having people tell me I need to take a break from being healthy to enjoy life 🙁 Life is wonderful and I still indulge just in moderation.

    • I like the way you think! And it is much easier to get into healthy living and stay here!

  3. It absolutely is a lifestyle! There isn’t a quick fix to be healthy; it’s going to take time and dedication – a lifestyle change!

  4. This was the biggest mental shift for me that helped me approach health and fitness with more balance. Before it was always go super crazy intense for a couple months then swing to the opposit extreme. Now, I can take things day by day as a way of life and am os much better for it. Great post, Glenneth!

    • Thanks Tina! I completely understand about the swinging from one extreme to another. I have been there as well.