A Guest Post – How to Improve Your Fitness Through Supplementation

Good morning and TGIF! By the time you probably read this, I will be at the Knoxville Convention Center for Social Slam! So excited for Social Slam. Volunteered at the VIP party last night and met so many great people!

As I promised you yesterday – a guest post about improving fitness through supplements. Enjoy and I will be back tomorrow with some Social Slam info and a 5K recap!

Enjoy your Friday!

A sports supplement or ‘ergogenic aid’ promises to improve performance, strength, and speed. It is something added to the diet in order to make up for any nutritional deficiency as a result of training programs. Sports supplements are part of a multi million pound industry around which there is little regulation in terms of effectiveness and safety and as such it is important to look at research to determine if the claims made by sports supplements can be supported.

Supplements containing protein are used to support muscle growth and are often favoured by body builders. Research however, has shown that whilst endurance athletes may need 50-100% more protein, for strength athletes the evidence is not so conclusive.

Research into supplements containing caffeine is also controversial, however the general consensus is that caffeine does not benefit short-term high intensity exercise but can enhance performance in endurance sports.

Creatine supplements are widely used by sprinters and weight lifters to improve muscle mass and strength. However, research has shown that men respond better than women to creatine, the reason for this may be because women already have naturally high levels of this substance in their muscle tissue. Other research has shown that in order for creatine to be absorbed into muscles it needs to be taken with carbohydrates, and that caffeine (if for example you are taking more than one supplement) may block the effects. Other research suggests that for optimum results creatine should taken be at specific times in your workout.

Ribose is reported to increase athletic performance however, a number of research studies have found no effect on performance of healthy individuals

Evidence does suggest that certain supplements can be beneficial to certain aspects of an individual’s training program by improving strength, muscle mass and performance, however, the overall effect is dependent on several factors: the type of exercise, the other supplements taken which may block absorption, the dose taken and the dietary condition in which it is taken. As a user it is your responsibility to read any information available and make sure that you are taking the right supplement, with the right dietary intake and at the correct dosage in order to achieve maximum effectiveness from your supplement. It is also worth considering that all supplements can have side effects and to be aware of the dangers in order that you can continue to train safely and successfully.

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